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Will there be FSW & CEC Express Entry draws in July 2022?

Will there be FSW & CEC Express Entry draws in July 2022?

At Last, The Secrets To will there be FSW express entry draws in July 2022? Is Revealed.

Canada has finally decided to resume its months long paused FSW Express Entry draws in July this year.

Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser recently announced that Foreign Skilled Workers (FSW) draws will begin again by early spring. The draws were put on a hold as the effect of the COVID 19 pandemic in December 2020. Also, Fraser has declared that IRCC will continue with the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) draws in the same month which was suspended in September 2021. Despite uplifting several other restrictions, Canada continued to pause both the draws in order to clear the application backlogs. Ever since then, candidates have been waiting for this big news.

Reduction in application backlogs!

Express Entry backlogs 2022

As of mid-March, IRCC reported a total of 1.84 million people waiting for a decision on their express entry application across all lines of business. Concerning this statistical data, the latest News reports that IRCC is explicitly focusing on clearing the Express Entry backlog. As a result, there are just 10,400 CEC candidates left to be processed which suggests that by the early spring IRCC will be able to wind down the entire CEC backlog. Meanwhile, significant progress has also been observed in the inventory of FSW applications. A 24 percent reduction in the number of FSW backlogs is noted which ensures the possibility for FSW and CEC draws to resume sooner rather than later.

CRS score distribution behavior

CRS Score Distribution

Since the pandemic, the number of candidates in the Express Entry pool has increased substantially from 147000 to 200000. As per the last all-program draw held in December 2020, a total of 5000 applications were invited with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off of 468 scores.

If a similar draw is held by the Canadian government in the current times, not less than 32000 applications will be enrolled in the CRS pool, which might even outdo the previously held large draw of over 27000 applications. But considering the pending backlog in applications, it seems unexpectedly difficult for IRCC to invite such a large number of candidates again in the current times.

This implies that even if Canada decides to keep the CRS score cut-off as high as 500 or more points, new applications issued will exceed 10000, making it fairly harder for the government to process the files right now.

CRS score likely to exceed 500 points in 2022?

Given the current circumstances, the latest IRCC memo hints that although the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off draws for both FSW and CEC continue to remain paused until early spring. But it predicts that these draws for FSW might rise as high as 500 points or more for at least six months after the resumption. The reason provided in the memo is because of the several high-ranking applications pooled in the Express Entry since its discontinuation.

The internal memo also states that even though the government decides to further continue the pause or resume at a modest pace in the very near term, the CRS cut-off will remain high for a minimum period of at least 6 months.

The memo expresses concerns that a high CRS draw would most likely result in a well homogenous pool of candidates. Consequently, it is believed that the next all-program Express Entry draws will also target occupation rather than CRS alone.

Will the next Express Entry draws target in-demand occupations in 2022?

In Demand Occupations

On multiple occasions, the Canadian government has indicated the possibility of occupations in-demand draws for all programs in the Express Entry.

The 2021 Federal Budget raised the concerns about the Immigration system of Canada to focus on the growing economic and labor force needs. The recently released 2022 Federal Budget reinsured the Canadian Express Entry system to shift its attention to fulfilling the widening labor shortage in the country. Minister Sean Fraser also hinted that IRCC may move to the new system sometime this year during his virtual meeting with the Canadian Bar Association in order to overcome the problem of labor shortage and the concerns regarding a homogeneous pool of candidates.

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