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All About Comprehensive Ranking System, A tool for Skilled Immigrants!

 All About Comprehensive Ranking System, A tool for Skilled Immigrants!

What is a comprehensive ranking system & how to increase or boost your CRS score? Cut Off expectations for July 2022.

The CRS is a point based system that calculates the score of the candidates and assesses their profiles and ranks them in the Express Entry pool. This ranking tool helps the applicants know their CRS before going into the pool and accordingly plan their Canadian Immigration strategies. The factors considered by the government in calculating the CRS score that will help you succeed in the Canadian labor market are:-

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language skills
  • Work Experience; and
  • Other Factors

The Express Entry system for Canada’s Immigration is competitive and manages applications for three economic-class immigration programs, namely,

  1. The Canadian Experience Class,
  2. The Federal Skilled Worker Program, and
  3. The Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Only the candidates with the highest CRS score can get an invitation to apply (ITA) for the permanent residence status under the above-mentioned programs.

How do I increase my CRS Score?

Let’s say you’ve ascertained your eligibility for the Express Entry programs and created your profile online. Then you’ll be provided with a CRS score. Now, which approach will you choose for your Express Entry profile?

Sitting back and waiting to be getting invited to apply...OR…taking possible steps to improve your CRS. Well, the former behavior is an utterly wrong approach unless you have been assigned a high CRS score. By following a submissive mindset towards your profile, you might miss the opportunities to enhance your position among other candidates under the Comprehensive Ranking System. CRS being a dynamic system allows candidates to keep improving their CRS score as their score is not locked in until they receive their ITA.

There are several ways by which an applicant can enhance their CRS score once the file is submitted in the Express Entry pool.

CRS Score Breakdown Table

CRS breakdown

Summary of maximum points per factor for Express Entry candidates are shown below:-

Have you claimed all the points?

If you have your heart set on immigrating to Canada, there are several options for improving your CRS. There are a few factors that can only nudge the CRS score up with few points. While there are other factors that might increase the score by as many as 600 points.

1. Siblings in Canada – Do you or your spouse have a brother or sister residing in Canada, with the status of either Permanent Residence or Citizen? If you are able to prove this relationship through authentic proofs, then this might add a total of 15 points to your CRS profile.

2. Second Language – Are you competent in both English and French? If so, then don’t miss out on this opportunity. You can take an approved language test in both the languages so as to get the maximum possible points which might help you in further enhancing your points. In addition, there are extra points provided to bilingual candidates.

3. Provincial Nominee Programs – PNP is a proactive approach for the candidates who wish to boost their CRS score with a whooping 600-point bonus, along with the understanding that you are being received wholeheartedly into the province of your own preference.

To invite a percentage of the newbies who will enter under these programs, provinces are screening the applications in the Express Entry pool.

Considering all possible insights, on one hand, Ontario is precisely targeting certain occupation groups, particularly in the Information Technology (IT) sector; whereas PNP programs have resumed in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan for candidates in a variety of occupations without the requirement of any job offer. Furthermore, British Columbia continues to accept applications under its one-of-a-kind scheme. On the contrary, Alberta and Manitoba are focusing on wholly latest Express Entry-aligned categories. In addition, various other provinces have jumped on board as well, awarding nominations to Express Entry candidates.

Can my spouse boost the CRS score?

If you are planning to migrate to Canada with your spouse, you must be well aware of all the factors through which your partner can contribute to your CRS score. The distribution of points is given below.

Can my spouse boost my crs score

Is there any minimum score for Express Entry?

Each draw has a different minimum CRS score criteria for earning an invitation to live in Canada permanently. As a result, it is critical to take all necessary steps to improve your position in the pool of candidates in order to boost your chances of receiving an invitation.

What CRS cut-off to expect in July 2022?

Canada is getting ready to ramp up its efforts to meet its immigration targets for the next several years, which have been hampered by the pandemic. According to the most recent immigration news, Express Entry draws will resume in early July, with big revisions in invitations expected.

Concerns regarding the quantity of high-ranking candidates in the Express Entry pool were expressed in an internal memo dated November 2021. According to the document, the CRS cut-off will most certainly rise to over 500 points and stay there for several draws. The memo also expressed concerns that keeping the cut-off at such a high level will result in a fairly homogeneous group of candidates.

As a result, rather than focusing just on CRS scores, it is envisaged that the future all-program Express Entry draws will include target occupations.

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