Canada Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is an authoritative document that we attach to our passports. It shows that you meet the prerequisites expected to enter Canada. Most voyagers need a guest visa to make a trip to Canada. You may likewise require one in case you're traveling through a Canadian air terminal. You can apply for your tourist visa online or manually by visiting the Canadian visa center.

How long you can have a stay in Canada?

Most tourists can stay for as long as a half year in Canada.

At the entry point, the border administrations official may permit you to remain for less or over a half year. Provided that this is true, they'll put the date you need to leave by in your visa. They may likewise give you a report, which is called a visitor record that will show the date you need to leave by.

If by chance your passport does not possess a stamp, then you can remain for a half year from the day you entered Canada or until your passport terminates, whichever happens first. In the event that you need a stamp, you can ask the border administrations official for one.

How do I apply for a Canada visit visa?

  • Submit a visitor visa application to some reputed Canadian visa office in your nation or district.
  • You may have to go to a meeting where the visa official will confirm:
    • Your explanations behind visiting Canada.
    • Your capacity or readiness to leave Canada when the visa terminates.
    • You’re in general acceptability to Canada.
  • A visitor visa is given to you and you can now come to Canada. At the entry checkpoint, an immigration official will scrutinize the candidate to guarantee hassle free entry.

A guest visa might be for single entry or multiple entry use. Single-entry visas might be given for as long as half a year. The validity for multiple entry tourist visas is up to ten years maximum or one month preceding the expiry date on the passport or re-entry visa, whichever is prior. POE officials will regularly allow entry for a time of 6 months to an individual mentioning entry as a tourist.

Who needs to provide biometrics to enter Canada?

Canada will grow its biometrics assortment to by far most foreigners during 2018.

Foreign Nationals applying for a tourist visa, work permit, study visa, or PR have to give fingerprints and a photograph.

From July 31, 2018, the program will be extended to cover Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Candidates from Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Americas will be needed to give biometrics from December 31, 2018.


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