FAQ for Humble Immigration about Canada PR & study abroad

Ques 1: Do you want to get in touch with Humble Immigration Pvt. Ltd?

Answer: Visit https://immigrationhumble.com/contact-us or mail us at study@immigrationhumble.com or call us at +917402300008.


Ques 2: What are the charges of Humble Immigration Pvt. Ltd for their services?

Answer: Humble Immigration gives adaptable and customized services to all its customers. Our charges are reliant upon the cost of your visa or other service rates identified with Canada. This permits Humble Immigration to furnish you with the best costs and services for proficient help that are customized by your particular necessities.


Ques 3: Why should Indian students study abroad?

Answer: The degrees from foreign universities have generally an excellent regard in India. It gives you an edge over different applicants in landing to reputed job positions in India.


Ques 4: Am I required to give an English Test in the event I wish to go to Canada?

Answer: Definitely, it is an important prerequisite for getting Student study visa in Canada. You need to sit in PTE/IELTS Exam.


Ques 5 . Would I be able to work while Studying in Canada?

Answer: Yes, You can work part time or full time while you study in Canada. For more details, you can read all the important resources on our website to get further information.


Ques 6. What Travel arrangements I have to do for the if I am going Abroad

Answer: We are concerned with our clients, Humble Immigration can do all the Travel bookings for them.


Ques 7. What are the benefits of studying in Canada?

Answer: The important reasons to be considered are as follows:

  • You get a globally recognized degree.
  • Budget friendly living and accommodation costs.
  • The people are friendly & helpful.
  • Students are able to work while they are studying
  • The Canadian Universities are known for being Advanced & equipped with technology
  • Studying in Canada is really safe.

Ques 8. What are the expenses incurred for studying in Canada?

Answer: The study costs vary from region to region. Canada has an entirely reasonable living when contrasted with the UK, USA, or Australia. The Study costs include college tuition fees, admission fees, transportation charges, housing rents along with the meals, travel and excursions, cultural activities, insurance charges, and personal expenses. What's more, Canada has moderate medical and clinical expenses, living expenses, educational expenses, and so forth you might get a grant or scholarship too.


Ques 9. On the off chance, if I got less score in IELTS, is there any chance to get admission into Universities abroad?

Answer: Yes, Canada will accept ESL programs.

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