Canada Study Visa

Want to experience the seventh heaven? Canada invites more than 4 Lakh students from diverse backgrounds every year. In the event that you mean to learn at a Canadian instructive foundation, most foreign students apply for a Study Permit. A study permit once given, permits you to study in Canada at an endorsed institution for the span of the predetermined course or program.

When Student visa is not needed?

Sometimes, you don't need a study permit to attend your selected college/ institute in Canada:

  • If the course or program you mean to examine is less than a half year in length.
  • If you are a relative or staff of a foreign agent to Canada.
  • If you are an individual from a foreign armed forces.

What is the eligibility to study in Canada?

To be qualified to study in Canada:

  • You should be acknowledged by a school, school, college or other instructive foundation in Canada.
  • You have to demonstrate and clearly show that you have sufficient cash to pay for-
    • Tuition expenses;
    • Living costs for yourself and any relatives who accompany you to Canada; and
    • Return transportation for yourself or any relatives who may accompany you to Canada.
  • You should be a reputable resident with no criminal records and not be a danger to the security of Canada. You may need to give a police verification proof.
  • You should be healthy and able to finish a clinical assessment, if fundamental.
  • You have to satisfy the immigration officer that you will leave Canada after the finish of your approved stay. A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) may likewise be needed if you are a resident of a country from which Temporary Resident Visas are needed for entry into Canada. A Temporary Resident Visa isn't needed for residents of visa exempt nations.

Follow your path to get settled in your destination country and be in touch with us to get your ray of sunshine!

How to work in Canada as a Student?

It is feasible to work in Canada, while you are here as an understudy, under any Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) work programs for understudies.

You might have the option to work in Canada over the span of study under the accompanying classifications:

  • On grounds without a Work Permit;
  • Off grounds with a Work Permit;
  • In Co-operation and Internship Programs, where work experience is important as per the educational curriculum, with a Work Permit.

Also, mates or custom-based law accomplices of foreign understudies are qualified for a work grant for the length as per the study permit.

Upon graduation, you may apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Under this program, the work grant might be given for the length of the program, up to a limit of three years.

How to apply for a study permit?

A feather in your cap! Wondering how to apply for a Canadian study permit? There are 2 different ways to apply for your study permit: Online or by going to a visa application branch in your country.

We propose you to apply for a study permit when you get a letter of acknowledgment from a Canadian school or college. It can require as long as 90 days to get an examination grant, contingent upon the nation where you are applying. We are like a hand on your shoulder, orchestrating all that is required for your Canadian settlement.

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