Interview Preparation for Federal Skilled Workers & other exceptional cases for Canada Visa. 

Ace your interview skills with confidence and practice


Mandatory steps before the interview:

  1. Prepare a file with the original documents in proper order, along with a complete medical examination. 
  2. Prepare the possible questions in advance to answer without hesitation. Our team conducts mock interviews for your practice.
  3. The body posture, gestures, tonal quality of the voice should scream confidence and honesty. The answers should be original, truthful and should leave no doubt in the minds of the authorities. 
  4. Nervousness, sweating, rolling eyes, and many such things can put your career at stake. Thus, you must get proper training before attempting the grand finale of the immigration process.


Do's and Don'ts required to be kept in time:

  1. Always reach your destination before time. Being late is considered lazy and rude and might jeopardize your career. 
  2. Your answers should reflect truthfulness and transparency. 
  3. It is better to tell straight away if you do not know an answer to a question rather than lying or providing false information.
  4. Do not argue with the authorities or any other person while in an interview.
  5. Keep your replies concise and to the point. Avoid humoristic or sarcastic approaches.
  6. Maintain politeness, calmness, and poise throughout the interview. 
  7. If a question is not clear, you can ask the authorities to rephrase or repeat it politely.


General Questions asked in an interview:

  1. Why do you want to visit abroad?
  2. What made you choose a foreign university instead of an Indian college?
  3. How long do you want to stay abroad?
  4. Who will or is sponsoring you or bearing the expenses?
  5. What does your course entail? What are the job opportunities you can get after completing it?
  6. Tell something about your background.


An interviewer can ask anything related to work, home, career, and more. By answering the questions truthfully and without breaking a sweat, you can ace your interview in no time. 


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