IELTS Preparation- Where to Start?

IELTS, also known as the International English Language Testing System, is an English language proficiency certificate to get admission to a job in native English countries. It is accepted in more than 11000 organizations across the world. The minimum overall IELTS score for most institutions is 6 but it depends on your choice of institution. IELTS scores are accepted in many countries including, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the USA. But many get confused as to how to prepare for the exam. We are gonna get more details on that in this blog.

To prepare well for the exam, you first have to know what the syllabus includes. IELTS has four modules-Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. You need to have a good score in every module. 

Listening: The listening segment is the easiest one but you need skills and practice to get a good score. You should have a grasp of various English accents to understand the audio played during the exam.

Reading: Reading is a bit more tedious than other segments. However, if you improve your vocabulary, you can skim through the paragraph and look for necessary words that give you a hint

Writing: The writing segment asks you to write an essay on the topic given. This segment tests your language and how capable you are in writing. To score well, you should have command over vocabulary grammar.

Speaking: This segment tests your personality and communication skills. You must have excellent pronunciation and a clear intellectual approach to score well and in this one.

Testing your skills

You can test where you stand by giving mock tests. There are many mock tests available online. The format of these mock tests and the time given remains the same, which gives you a real exam environment. You will understand the actual IELTS atmosphere and can perform better there.

Some extra tips to score well

  • Understand the pattern of the test. Before you start your preparation, you should thoroughly study the exam pattern and structure. Go through the previous year's question papers and analyze the pattern. It will help you in understanding what time you will need to prepare well.
  • Start strengthening your week sections. To get a good band score in IELTS, you need to prepare well for all modules. Focus on the weaker sections and build up your skills.
  • Once you know what sections you lack your preparation in, focus on that more and prepare for other sections simultaneously. Practice thoroughly via classes and mock tests to up your level.
  • Take help from a professional. Your preparation somewhat depends upon the feedback from the experts. We at Humble Immigration Pvt Ltd will tell both your weak and strong sections and give you suggestions on how to tackle your weak areas.



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