What are the details of Quebec Skilled Worker Visa?

This is the application for skilled and experienced laborers who need to become permanent residents of Canada and live in Quebec.

Quebec has a unique agreement with the Government of Canada. The territory has its own guidelines for choosing outsiders who will adjust well to living there.

To move to Canada as a Quebec-chosen talented laborer, you should apply in the accompanying 2 phases:

1. Apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec [CSQ]) to the Government of Quebec.


    1. The Province of Quebec will evaluate you, utilizing its own standards.
    2. The authentication shows that the Province of Quebec has acknowledged you as a worker.


2. If the Province of Quebec picks you and gives you a CSQ, you must apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for PR.

These directions are for your application for PR.

What is the eligibility for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa?

You can apply as a Quebec-chosen skilled laborer in the event that you -

  • have a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec) from the Government of Quebec
  • present/ submit a complete permanent residence application, including police testaments Report.

How to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa?

After the Province of Quebec has chosen you:

       1) Get the application bundle, which has: 

  • a manual for assisting you with filling the forms accurately.
  • the applications you need to fill out, print, and sign the forms carefully and truthfully.

       2) Pay your application charges: 

Much of the time, your charges will include:

  • handling expenses for you and anybody you include for your application
  • the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)
  • biometrics
  • third party or outsider charges
  • You need to pay your charges online.

Biometrics charge:

Much of the time, you should pay a biometrics expense when you present your application. Else you might encounter delays. The biometrics charge includes the expense of gathering fingerprints and an advanced photograph.

After you pay the biometrics charge with a total application, they will send you a letter affirming that you need to give your biometrics and where you can go. You should show the letter when you give your biometrics.

You should give your biometrics face to face.

 Outsider expenses

 Contingent upon your circumstance, you might have to pay outsiders for:

  • Clinical tests
  • Police authentications
  • Educational credential assessment


       3)  Submit your application

Ensure that you have included everything. In the case of anything that is missed:

  • Your application will not be finished
  • They will send it back to you without processing it
  • You have to fix any mistakes and resubmit it
  • Try not to send your application to some other preparing focus or visa office.

           If your application gets approved

        If they accept your application, you will get a mail regarding:

  •  Confirming of Permanent Residence (COPR)
  •  Permanent resident visa (if you're from a country that needs a visa)

       Your COPR contains your photograph and information about you.

       Check about whether the whole information is correct. It should be the same as the information present on your passport.


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