Spouse & Dependent Visa Canada

Do you also want to bring your spouse to Canada if you are already a Canadian citizen or have a Canadian PR or hold a Canadian work permit? Then Canadian government has now made this possible to make families live together. Now all those who are eligible and are above 18 years of age can sponsor their dependent child, spouse, common-law partners, and blood relations etc to come and live with them in Canada. Humble Immigration can help you out if you also want to meet and settle with your families in Canada.


  • Spouse/common-law partners and conjugal partner
  • Children who are Dependent under the age of 21
  • Parents or grandparents who are Dependent
  • PR Adopted child outside Canada when you are holding citizenship of Canada or Canadian PR
  • Your family members like siblings, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt or your close relatives

The relations you sponsor can live with you in Canada. If you are eligible then you must be able to-

  • financially support them
  • make it sure that they don’t need any social assistance from the government

What is the eligibility criterion if I want to sponsor Dependent Visa?

Any person who wants to sponsor a Dependent Visa needs to be at least 18 years of age or above. All the documents containing information about all the expenses of that individual of last 12 months to the immigration, IRCC and the refugees have to be submitted. This will let the authorities decide whether the person will be able to sustain himself as well as his family members financially or not. If you’re eligible then only you can sponsor your dependents to become permanent residents of Canada.

Note: In many cases, there is no criterion of low-income cut off (LICO) for companion, accomplice or ward kid sponsorships. Be that as it may, if either a companion or accomplice you're supporting has a dependent kid who also has a subordinate offspring of their own, or a dependent kid you are supporting has their very own reliant offspring, you should meet a base LICO score, which is dictated by the Canadian government every year.

What are the documents required for sponsoring a spouse under the Canada Spouse Visa?
  • Your Passport & your travel history
  • Your Background and its documentation
  • Spouse’s/partner’s documents including marriage certificate
  • Any Other proof of your relationship
  • Income proof of the sponsor
  • Completed and finished application & the consulate fees

When I will not be able to sponsor someone under the Canadian Spouse Visa?

  • If you have already sponsored a spouse and signed responsibility for that spouse and it’s not more than 3 years he has become a PR
  • Recently supported somebody and didn't take care to payback of any financial help that they got while they endeavor was set up.
  • Has defaulted in paying back immigration loan
  • didn't pay court-requested alimony or child support
  • has been declared bankrupt and the obligations have not been paid back
  • You were sentenced for
    • an offense having sexual sort,
    • a harmful wrongdoing/ crime,
    • an offense against his relations that caused them any materially or bodily hurt or
    • undermined or endeavored to submit any of the above activities
  • are under a removal request,
  • are in a prison, reformatory or jail,
  • Have as of now applied to support your present mate or accomplice and haven't got the decision.
  • If a spouse or a partner sponsored you, you can’t sponsor a new spouse or partner in between five years of becoming a PR.
How much time does it take to sponsor your spouse in Canada?

Sponsorship applications require around a year to process from beginning to end. They are regularly not prepared a lot quicker than a year yet they can take longer, contingent upon the case. On the off chance that you have a confounded case, or the visa office requires extra confirmation of your relationship, this will defer the handling of your case and it will take longer. The most ideal approach to guarantee your sponsorship application is prepared as fast as conceivable is to ensure it is done well in the initial time.

What is the Canadian spouse Visa fee?

CIC charges for Canada Spouse visa fee

Sponsor a spouse or a partner: Sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($475), and right of permanent residence fee ($500)


Sponsor a dependent child: Sponsorship fee ($75) and processing fee ($75)


Include any dependent child with spouse: Sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($475) and right of permanent residence fee ($490), Sponsorship fee ($75), and processing fee ($75)

Biometrics (if required) – Fees

Biometrics – per person: $85 Per Adult.

Biometrics – family (2 or more): $85 Per Adult.

Medical Fee Approx

Medical fee– Per Person: Rs.5000

Police certificate fee

Police certificate – per documents: Rs.500

What is the Canada Spouse visa Process?
Eligibility check-up: Assuming you need to submit an application for a Canadian spouse visa, it is fundamental to decide if you meet up with Canada's life partner visa requirements or not.

Accumulate your documents: You should set up the necessary documents cautiously. You should make effort to guarantee your reports and application record is expertly introduced and illustrated with a complete impression of your aim to apply. The application will be declined/dismissed in the event that submitted applications are absent, fragmented, or there are unsigned documents and forms.

Apply for a Canada Spouse visa: Pay the right visa charge and get your chance to apply for your Canada spouse visa. When you present the application, the CIC officer will survey your visa application according to current law. On the off chance that the application is observed to be incomplete/fragmented or fees is missing then the application will be given back. On the off chance that the application is finished and completed, you will get AOR, and the CIC officer will place that application in the line for further processing.

you will have the necessity of-

  • Biometric
  • Clinical
  • Police verification clearance
  • Interview: Interview is the most significant part of Canadian spouse Visa; CIC directs an interview either separately or by telephone. The interviewer has an intention to test every individual's information about his relationship and his accomplice to assist with deciding if a relationship is real.
  • Canada spouse visa result: When the application is accepted, you have to go to VAC to present your passport to get a stamp on your identification or passport.

How to pay Canada spouse Visa fees?

To pay your expenses for your application you'll require:

  • a valid email address;
  • a printer to print the receipt
  • a master-card or Canadian debit card.
Go to Online Payment.

Adhere to the online guidelines. Towards the end, click on the button to print the IRCC official receipt with standardized tag. Print two duplicates. Attach a duplicate of this receipt to your finished application. Save the second duplicate of the receipt for your records. In Canada, the best way to pay your expenses is through online installment.

Charge installment for Canadian patrons dwelling outside of Canada online-

Canadian residents living abroad can pay their charges on the web. The accompanying method of payment might be utilized ONLY in the event that you dwell outside of Canada and you can’t approach the Internet. In the event that you can't approach the Internet, you might pay by International bank draft or cash request in Canadian assets.

Note: Do not give a mailing station box as a location. Terminated bank drafts and cash requests will be returned.

Can my spouse work in Canada?

Indeed, by and large, your spouse or your Common law accomplice is able to work in Canada. Notwithstanding, they will for the most part have to get a work permit/grant to work in Canada. They should apply for their own work grant. At times, your spouse or accomplice might have the option to apply for an open work license—permitting that person to recognize and work with any employer.

In different cases, your companion or common-law accomplice should submit an application for a work grant for particular employment. The employer might need to acquire a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An LMIA permits an employer to employ somebody for a particular work.

Can my spouse study in Canada? Canada student spouse visa requirements 2021

Yes, your spouse can study in Canada. But for that, your spouse needs to take a study permit to pursue studies in Canada.

If I am a Canadian citizen but my spouse is not a Canadian citizen then still can my spouse work in Canada?

It relies upon the migration status of your companion. In the event that your companion or customary law accomplice is an extremely durable occupant, they can work in Canada. In the event that your companion or customary law accomplice is in Canada on a transitory occupant (guest) visa, they need to apply for a work grant to have the option to work. Your mate or custom-based law accomplice can apply for a work license from inside Canada if:

  • they have a transitory occupant license that is substantial for quite some time or more; or
  • they have applied for PR under the Spouse or Common-law Partner in Canada – documented class; or
  • they are qualified to apply for a work grant upheld by a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – an approval from Employment and Social Development Canada a business needs to enlist the new worker; or
  • They are qualified to apply for a work grant dependent on an exemption from the LMIA cycle.

What is the income criterion if I want to sponsor my wife to Canada?

There is no such income criterion if you are sponsoring your spouse. Just you need to show some basic income if you are going to sponsor a child that has a dependent child.

Can I stay in Canada if I am waiting for my Canadian Spousal visa sponsorship?

If you are waiting for your Canadian spousal visa sponsorship then in the meantime you may apply for a Canadian visitor visa till your spouse visa is approved.

Does my partner need an IELTS score to get a spouse visa in Canada?

No, IELTS score is not at all required by your partner to get a spouse visa. But it is only needed if you are applying for permanent residence under express entry system. This will help you to get some additional points.

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