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Why Canada is the ideal study & PR destination for students and working professionals?

Why Canada is the ideal study & PR destination for students and working professionals?

Immigration is defined as the International movement of people from their own native land to a destination wherever they are not having citizenship. The people select immigration to a destination where they are willing to urge settled as permanent residents of that country. As per the survey attained within the past years, we’ve analyzed that more than 90% of people migrating from numerous developing countries like Asian Countries are moving to Canada, rather than the other country. There are several reasons that might support this statement. Hence, in this article we will list the explanation that supports this statement, why Canada is so special, the best way to move to Canada, and what are the documents or tests need by folks for immigration or moving to Canada.

Why is Canada so special?

Canada, a rustic location within of North America, a dream destination for various people residing in Asian countries or a place where people will fulfill their various dreams of obtaining educational activity of getting a permanent resident to this place. Hence, this is often the sole reason that every year 250,000 migrants embrace this place. Canada has its own immigrant program that provides the ability of turning into a National of Canada, helps in sorting out employment as well.

The main purpose of attraction regarding Canada is the lovable lifestyle that makes it a heaven for the one coming from developing countries. For one has the will to possess a more robust life quality and work then, Canada is the nation having the opportunities for employment and growth of an individual.

Reasons for students and professionals moving to Canada:

The main reasons that enhance the thought of scholars & skilled for moving to Canada are as follows:

  • Excellence in academics
  • Attainment of standard advantages in the job
  • Solicitous care welfare
  • Well being of pregnant ladies & family
  • Housing facility for immigrants
  • Students can earn while they are learning
  • Advanced & Safe Canada with peaceful surroundings
  • Low unemployment rate
  • Employment in edifice & banking sector
  • Canada lacks skilled workers
  • The distinctive academic system as they levy concentration on analysis & development
  • Reasonable price of living & studying
  • Cultural Diversity at work & universities
  • Promotes individualism
  • Eight hours of work time
  • Perks of retirement plan
  • Programs of well being at the workplace
  • Low owned tax for owners of the business
  • Perks of work permit
  • Resources for potential entrepreneurs

What is the easiest way to move to Canada?

Immigration to Canada isn’t that simple because it sounds as people need to follow a precise process. The easiest way is that the migrants including the students or working professionals might apply for a visa like the Study Visa Consultants or a work permit for moving to Canada. After the application for a visa, the immigration office will facilitate people to urge the Canada Immigration NOC, Student Visa, or official document as per their application.

What are the documents required by the people for moving to Canada?

The people willing to migrate or move to Canada need certain vital documents that embrace work permits for working professionals, study visas for students, visitor’s visas for tourism to this place however people cannot work in Canada using this, and student work permits. To attain these types of work permits or visas, people need to clear the IELTS exam. 

How to attain these required documents for moving to Canada?

The whole requisite documents elaborated within the above section can be earned through immigration offices as there are numerous organizations that are indulged in immigration professions. But, if I talk about the trustworthy offices then, Humble Immigration is the best immigration consultant in Amritsar that helps one to migrate from India to different countries by helping them to urge the visa for migration. We tend to be the best immigration consultants in Amritsar provide the IELTS coaching Amritsar and IELTS Coaching Amritsar, so that people might attain the visa or work permit, easily. We’ve facilitated many people from India to migrate to other countries like Canada since we have started our journey into this Business as they have shared their valuable experiences with us.


The aforementioned article is regarding the method and reasons liable for the people moving to Canada & however, humble immigration can help them to become a permanent resident of Canada. For more details about how to get permanent residency in Canada like Business PR Canada, Express Entry Canada, Investment PR Canada, Canada PR Express Entry Points, and so on, visit our official website and get resolved your concern, quickly.





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