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Best easy ways to immigrate to Canada from India for skilled immigrants in 2022

Best easy ways to immigrate to Canada from India for skilled immigrants in 2022

Best ways to immigrate to Canada from India for skilled immigrants in 2022

Hi Amritsar! Is Canada your favorite destination to settle or work in? Do you also want to settle in Canada? Are you looking for various pathways to settle in your dream destination? Then, worry not. Read the whole article to know the Top 5 PR Categories for Skilled Immigrants. Canada is full of opportunities for work and a bright future. Canada is pro-active in giving Permanent Resident Visas to skilled workers since 2014. Canada has more than 60 immigration programs, but here we will discuss the top 5 PR categories through which you can apply in 2022. Along with these, we will also be discussing other options as well that you can look for. Let’s begin. First is-

1) Federal Skilled Worker Program

A skilled international worker needs to get minimum points to get eligible for the program and to get permanent residency.

2)Provincial Nominee Program

Many Provinces sponsor experienced and skilled migrants to work, live, and settle. You need to get a nomination. In some provinces, it is easy to procure. There are numerous job opportunities available for skilled immigrants in these provinces.

3)(QSWP) Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

You need to apply for the (QSWP) Quebec Skilled Worker’s Program or Quebec’s Experience Program under the government of Quebec. This program helps trained international immigrants to easily migrate to Quebec. The workers are chosen according to various factors. The applicants will be receiving a (CSQ) Quebec Selection Certificate after getting the necessary points that will thus let them to submit an application for PR.

4) (AIPP) Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island are the 4 major Atlantic Provinces that started this quick immigration program. It is known as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program. This program helps employers hire skilled workers for jobs. This program is employer-driven.

5) Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

This program will help in rolling out the gains of immigration to a minor community. This is a community-driven program and allows communities to participate. The participating community will offer jobs to various skilled workers in the preferred communities. After getting the offer of a job, the applicants can easily apply for PR in Canada.

These communities are from-

  • Manitoba
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • Ontario

So, there were several immigration programs for skilled workers in Canada. Let’s now discuss other Visa Categories.

The other categories are-:

  1. (CEC) Canadian Experience Class: Canada is home to various skilled immigrants and students. The best way to get your PR if you are a student or working is CEC. Such immigrants have skills; language capability and work experience. This gives an amazing chance to apply for Canadian PR. Work experience of 1 year is needed under this skilled workers class and to live outside Quebec’s province.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Class (FST): Lucrative opportunities of permanently settling in Canada are available to the skilled and experienced applicants having a convincing job offer from a Canadian employer. Companies hire those who are already experienced in different trades. The eligibility criteria for this program is-
    • English Language exam – 4 CLB and more.
    • Prove your intention to live in Canada excluding Quebec
    • Valid job offer
  3. Family Class: This Visa will help PRs to sponsor their relatives, spouses, or family members to get a PR status in Canada. Immigrants also have the chance where they can sponsor their family members like grandparents to Canada. The applicant can sponsor their spouses or their dependent children to come and live with them as well So, based on your education, experience, and overall eligibility, you can choose your desired program. Also, you can settle in Canada under the express entry system. To know about that, read our article- Step By Step Guide for express entry program 2022 Read our article-   latest Canada immigration update 2022 to know about the latest immigration updates. Now, you all might be wondering what the eligibility criteria for these programs are. So, let’s see the basic eligibility.
    • To opt for FSW, you should have 3 to 5 years of experience along with a high IELTS score.
    • To increase your FSW score, opt for any (PNP) Provincial Nominee Program.
    • To apply for the Canadian Experience Class, a minimum experience of 1 year is required.
    • You can immigrate under the family class visa if your spouse is a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen.

Now you might be wondering, which pathway is the easiest to get PR in Canada?

So, Ontario Immigration Nominee Program or Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is considered the easiest pathway. It offers amazing opportunities to migrants.

Still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us!

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