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Want to broaden your educational horizon and develop your profile?

Want to broaden your educational horizon and develop your profile?

Wish to know the benefits if you fancy studying overseas

Fret NOT! Let us help put that magical formula together to live through that vibe

Relax! Here’s quite a few...

  • Varied course options and research techniques, specialized sections, skill-enhanced training, and above all scholarships, fellowships, and mentorships
  • Advanced schooling culture, divergent learning procedure, self-learning, and interdependent relationship between teachers and students
  • Preparations for IELTS/TOEFL
  • Designated learning universities and community colleges
  • Fluidity in the global language ‘English’ and learning to live with it
  • Developing self-sufficiency, independent disposition, and adaptability to the environment
  • The prerogative to earning while studying i.e., on/off-campus work
  • Introduction to new and competitive working culture and ethic
  • A vast and richer set of experience and amplified global outlook
  • Low cost, safe, peaceful, and healthy living conditions
  • Volunteering and Travelling opportunities
  • Booming and prosperous sectors of the economy
  • Liberal immigration laws for students
  • Lots of international exposure

Canada provides you with all these and some more.

Brooding over Visas and Permits Don’t panic!

Here are some of the particulars

  1. Canada provides quite a few types of visas such as – Temporary Residence Visas (TRVs), which are for those wanting to stay in Canada for a specific time usually up to 6 months. It can be a single entry or multiple entry visas. Canadian Tourist Visa, Super Visa, Diplomatic and Official Visa, Courtesy Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, Facilitation Visa, Visa to give birth in Canada, Temporary Work Visa, Intending Organ Donors Visa, and Working Holiday Visa all of which come under this category.
  2. It also provides a Temporary Residence Permit for specific purposes and is otherwise not admissible to TRVs. Students studying in Canada for 6 months or less do not need a Study Permit but will need to apply for it once the time exceeds or he/she wants to extend their studies or try another course.
  3. Canadian Study Permit (Student visa) also authorizes full-time international students in Canada to work on or off-campus up to 20 hours per week. Eligible applicants can apply for Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) to avail of a full-time working arena after confirming the designated organization in Canada.
  4. Other Visas Include- Permanent Residence Visa, Business Immigrant Visa, and Express Entry Program Visa, etc.

That’s where we come near at hand

Our agency lays out before you one of the beststudyvisaconsultantsinAmritsar, a spiritually significant city of India that had consistently grown in its sector of overseas education with a myriad of overseas educational consultants providing you with expert guidance through skilled and competent advisers to help you through the entire procedure of visa application, statements, documentation, allowances, traveling, lodging, PR and so on, also counsels you when you tumble.

We, help you rummage your way through the dream to your reality as every fine student deserves the finest.

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