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Latest Immigration Updates for Canada in 2022

Latest Immigration Updates for Canada in 2022

Canada Immigration 2022- What's in store for you all?

Canadian migration programs experienced huge difficulties and postponements in 2021, as Canada adjusted and changed the policies because of COVID-19. For some candidates staying in Canada, 2021 offered new migration programs intended to make it simpler for them to remain, yet for some immigrants outside Canada, the nation’s COVID-19 approaches prohibited them even from any consideration. So it's an ideal opportunity to put a spotlight on what's in store for Canada Immigration 2022 for all.


  • Canada is thinking to invite approximately 412,000 new migrants in 2022. This would usually be of no issue for Canada; but the nation has already battled to handle applications on time over the previous year, leaving an accumulation of 1.9 million applications on waiting. Notwithstanding, if (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada can oversee its backlog, 2022 could also be the most record-shattering year in the history of Canadian immigration./li>
  • Notwithstanding the backlogs, in any case, Sean Fraser, Canada's Immigration Minister has demonstrated that he's available to expand Canada's migration levels, as it is a vital part of Canada's Economic Policy. Serve Fraser is committed to delivering a refreshed Immigration Level Plan by February 2022, so new immigration targets are ought to be uncovered soon.

Let’s investigate each of the variables that will assume a part in Canadian immigration in 2022.

Already Existing Immigration Overabundance

Immigration backlogs

Candidates who right now have an application handling with IRCC realize that there have been delays since March of 2020. IRCC took a normal of eight months to handle an Express Entry application in 2019. Nonetheless, because of the effects of the pandemic, a few applications that were submitted in 2019 and in 2020 just simply now starting to be processed.

An August report by the famous Toronto Star uncovered that as till July 31, 2021, IRCC had overabundances of an excess of 560,700 applications for PR, 748,380 applications for Temporary residence, and 376,459 applications for citizenship that were all the while waiting to be processed. There are approx 100,000 PR applications submitted through the Express Entry framework alone that should be concluded previous to Express Entry handling times can get back to their past handling standard.

What in store for Express Entry 2022!

Express Entry draws had proceeded all through the COVID, the Express Entry draws of 2021 were totally different from prior to pandemic instances. Before the pandemic, Express Entry draws normally occurred once in 2 weeks and applicants from all of the Express Entry programs were taken into consideration in each draw. All Express Entry draws were confined to applicants either in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or in the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in 2021.

This was an essential choice considered by the IRCC to focus on PR applications from applicants who were at that point inside Canada to make up to its high migration targets while all borders were shut. Through just one Express Entry draw of February 2021, to this end Canada welcomed in excess of 26,000 CEC applicants.

Express Entry draws are solely welcoming common candidates since September 15, 2021. This is because of the current build-up of migration applications. IRCC can't keep on giving huge quantities of ITA’S right now as it doesn't have the ability to deal with any new records. In a new notice, IRCC has shown that it would just resume all-programs Express Entry draw once the build-up has been decreased — despite the fact that they haven't said what amount of time this will require or the amount of the excess they require to overcome.

IRCC is resolving hard on resolving this accumulation. The office has used up more than 15-million Canadian Dollars on additional time for its representatives to deal with this excess.

How might Express Entry applicants be chosen in 2022?

Canada PR Process 2022

The Government of Canada hopes to propose alterations to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPR) to focus on the choice of Express Entry candidates who better meet Canada's work market needs.

Last year Canada delivered the Budget 2021 which stressed growth and Resilience. The Budget 2021 guaranteed upgrades to migration that would:

  • Convey an advanced migration processing handles
  • Support radicalized newcomer ladies
  • Improve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Speed up pathways from TR to the PR
  • Smoothen out Express Entry,
  • Improve limit and service principles inside the IRCC Client-Support Center.

In light of proclamations furnished in the Budget 2021, the progressions could incorporate modifications to the current (CRS) Comprehensive Ranking System scoring framework, or could make alterations to which NOC codes will be qualified to utilize the Express Entry framework. Federal Skilled worker Program Prior to 2015 just acknowledged applications from 50 NOC codes which were in huge demand in Canada. Proviso authorities feel that they are not getting the best applicants as of now it is conceivable that they can begin limiting NOC codes may be in 2022 (in spite of the fact that there is no sign that this will be considered as of now).

The COVID pandemic has instructed us that approaches are very adaptable. With another Immigration Minister in charge of the division, the nation rising up out of the emergency period, there are numerous opportunities for the eventual better fate of the Express Entry.

Get ready for the (NOC) New National Occupational Classification framework!

New NOC Codes will be executed by the public authority of Canada in 2022. It will be recognized as (NOC) National Occupational Classification 2021. It will just become effective in late 2022.

The new (NOC) National Occupational Classification will impact different Canadian government divisions along with IRCC. New codes will have 5 digits rather than 4. Current NOC Skill levels- level 0, A, B, C, and D will be disposed of. These will be supplanted by TEER levels representing -

  • Training
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Responsibility

New 6 TEER levels comprising 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be there. The previous NOC expertise level 0, NOC ability level A will stay unaltered, fitting TEER Levels 0 and 1, separately. The most impacted will be NOC Skill Level B occupations. Of Skill Level B, 47 NOC occupations to be merged with TEER Level 3, along with various other NOC B occupations merging with TEER Level 2.

Any insights concerning the coordination of the TEER Levels into the Express Entry framework, as of now, are not delivered by Canada. It's conceivable that main 0-2 TEER Levels will be qualified for the Express Entry, delivering a few Skill Level B NOC occupations ineligible. Nonetheless, it's likewise conceivable that the qualified TEER Levels could incorporate 0-3, along these lines growing the rundown of qualified jobs for the Express Entry. Additional subtleties will open up in 2022, however, it is worth talking about to know about, particularly for applicants in Skill Level B 47 NOC occupations that will be merged to Level 3 TEER.

Introducing new application sites for Canadian immigration applicants!

IRCC has introduced 2 new online portals for giving applications, significant for those looking to enter Canada in year 2022.

The first portal is for presenting applications for temporary resident visas or visitor visas. IRCC proclaimed that those who gave an application for TRV prior to September 7, 2021 be required to submit their application again for it to be again processed through the new IRCC web portal.

Transitioning to the fresh application portal for TRVs was important to ensure that applicants meet the current travel exceptions and are qualified to come into Canada. By stating this on the application, IRCC focuses on processing only those applications under which the candidates can travel after TRV is given.

The TRV portal can now accept study permit applications. The portal is different from the previous IRCC Secure A/c, which is sometimes called as GCKey.

The second portal IRCC introduced is the Portal for Permanent Residence. This is a key change for the ones who are considering submitting applications under any of the subsequent fields in 2022 because they are not needed to send a paper based submission:

  • (PNPs) Non-Express Entry- Provincial Nominee Programs
  • (RNIP)Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • Agri-Food Immigration Pilot
  • (AIP) Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Start-Up Visa
  • (Federal and Quebec) Self-Employed People
  • Quebec-selected entrepreneurs and investors, skilled workers,
  • Spouse and common-law partner sponsorship
  • Sponsorship for Child
  • Parent & Grandparent sponsorship
  • Home Support Workers, Home Child Care Provider Pilots
  • Child adoption through immigration process
  • Protected persons, convention refugees in Canada
  • Humanitarian, compassionate grounds
  • Temporary residents applying for the permanent residence

All through 2021, Canada kept up with many travel exceptions for unvaccinated tourists coming to Canada for various reasons. Nonetheless, as of January 15, 2022, quantity of exceptions will be enormously decreased, implying that inoculation will be required for some people who were already excluded. Eminently, completely inoculated travelers have had the option to venture in and out of Canada starting from September 2021, though exceptional travel necessities stay in actuality.

As of now, unvaccinated people can in any case enter Canada assuming they meet one of the accompanying exclusions to Canada's travel limitations and follow Canada's unique travel necessities (COVID-19 testing and obligatory 14-day quarantine).

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents;
  • Direct family members of the citizens of Canada and permanent residents willing to go to Canada for non-obligatory reasons;
  • Extensive family and continuing partners of citizens of Canada and permanent residents applying for the written approval from IRCC;
  • Direct family members of the temporary inhabitants who receive written approval from IRCC;
  • Temporary workforce who have a valid work permit or are permitted for a work permit but not yet issued work permit;
  • COPR-holding people with legitimate COPR
  • IEC participants having work permits must have a suitable job offer to enter, job offer need not to be in an necessary sector;

As of January 15th, 2022, the subsequent groups will not be allowed to come in Canada unless they are fully vaccinated: work permit holders (exemptions for agriculture & food processing workers), international students, necessary service providers, those reuniting with family members and professional and amateur athletes, children under 18 wishing to reunite with their family members or to attend post-secondary institutions.

From January 15, 2022, unvaccinated or not fully inoculated travelers will be permissible to go to Canada only on the condition they convene one of the exceptions:

  • Agricultural, food processing staff;
  • Marine foreign crew members;
  • Individuals entering on sympathetic grounds;
  • New permanent inhabitants;
  • Recently resettled refugee;
  • Children under 18 years of age

As of November 23, 2021, ICCRC now is known as The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. This new body is the regulatory body tasked with supervision and monitoring all (RCICs) Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Citizenship Act necessitate that folks who provide paid immigration or nationality advice and representation be certified to do so. Under these acts it is against the law for anybody to advice for a payment at any stage of the application if that is not an associate in good status of one of the following:

  • A law society of a province, territory
  • The Chambre des notaires du Québec
  • The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

On the off chance, 2022 could have a few amazements holding up in the domain of Canadian immigration. Though, — by being practical, you can prepare for barricades in your immigration venture.

To address somebody about your immigration plans, or on the other hand assuming that you need help with your application, Begin by booking a consultation here!

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