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All about Canada Student Visa Processing Time in 2022

All about Canada Student Visa Processing Time in 2022

How much time it will take to get a student visa in Canada?

Canadian Visa Processing Time is the most concerning thing for all the students applying for Visas from India. One can’t predict how much time will be taken. Make sure to take into consideration all the factors that can influence your Visa processing time. If you don’t know what the factors are, Read all the factors from our previous article, where we have discussed Top factors that can influence your Canadian Study Visa Processing Time.

It usually takes 3-4 weeks for your Visa to be processed completely but still, it depends on various factors that just read above.

How can I check the processing time for my Canadian study permit?

Canadian Immigration Department allows you to check and have a rough estimate regarding the time that will be taken. You can always visit their official website to track your application.

Is there any effect on Canadian Study Visa application time due to Covid-19?

Yes, there is an impact on the time duration to submit your application. If you live in risky areas like China, Iran, South Korea, etc. you will be given an extension of 90 days to submit your application with proper proof of why you need such an extension. This has been done while keeping in mind your health and restrictions being posed in many areas.

Why does the Canada Study Visa Processing time keep on changing?

It is because of the traffic of applications. If they more applications. Processing time is increased. If the number of applications is less, the processing time is again reduced.

Is there any right time to apply for a Canada Student Visa?

The right time to apply for a Canadian student visa is 3 months before the fall intake according to our experts. You can likewise choose a semester you are willing to take enrollment in as Canadian universities take intakes on a semester basis.

  • Fall Intake begins from September
  • Winter Intake starts in January
  • Spring Intake begins from May

Is there any age limit to apply for a student permit in Canada?

The applicant should be 18 years or more while applying for a Canadian student Visa. A legal guardian or a parent should accompany the candidate below18 years of age.

When to apply for a Canadian student Visa after facing a rejection?

There is no waiting period as prescribed to apply for a Canada student visa again. You can Re-apply after the rejection with a fresh Visa application to avoid rejection again.

What are the most common reasons for visa rejection in Canada?

  • Background: If you are not financially stable or do not have enough funds to support yourself while staying in Canada, your visa can be rejected. Proper proof should be provided if you have enough funds to sustain yourself and your family.
  • IELTS or TOEFL Score: Whether you are submitting an application under PNP, SDS, or SPP program, you have to get the minimum IELTS, or TOEFL Score recognized under these programs for getting a student visa. This score will thus prove your English language proficiency.
  • Educational performance: You should have the required credits set by the educational institution and Canadian government to get the approval.
  • Letter of acceptance: You have to show a letter of acceptance from a recognized Canadian educational institution to apply for your study permit.

What to do if the candidate fails to provide proper documents due to Covid-19?

The Immigration Department doesn’t consider any study visa application without an accompanying letter of acceptance.

What is the duration to get a Canadian student visa in India?

It takes approximately 7-8 weeks to procure your Canadian Student Visa in India. On the other hand, with Student Direct Steam, you can get a visa within 20 days also. The processing time may depend on the number of applications IRCC approves or rejects.

How long does it take to get a Canada study visa after Biometrics 2021?

It takes approximately 8 weeks to fetch your visa after submitting biometrics along with a work permit to IRCC.


So, we hope all your queries are answered. So, all in all, your Visa will take approximately 8- 12 weeks to come. Various factors as discussed should be kept in mind before submitting your application in order to avoid delays. You can always check your Visa Application online or through trusted Visa constants. This will help you submit your application without any errors or delays.

We can also help you out in consulting and providing guidance on submitting your application and providing you with the best advice. We can also help you out in settling permanently in Canada after you receive your Visa.