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Why My Canada Visa Is Taking So Long?

Why My Canada Visa Is Taking So Long?

Confused about why your Canada student visa was delayed.

Waiting is the hardest part when it comes to the question of your dreams when you are so close to achieving what you have dreamt of all your life. Since your teenage years you kept on waiting for this day and now when the time to fulfill all your dreams, as well as your family’s dreams, is near, it’s nearly impossible to spend even an hour when you have to wait.

But yeah, as it is well said that everything comes to you at the right time, so you have no other option rather than just to wait for your right time.

And when it comes to the application for your Canadian Visa, you have to wait as the process is really much complicated. So, don’t lose your hope as the destination is worth your wait! There can be various reasons and factors why your Visa is getting delayed. We will have a look through all the reasons and factors while moving ahead.

Many times, in the back of the mind applicants, need to know how much time it will take for their Visa to come or what will be the processing time. So mention not! We will be discussing thoroughly the processing times of various Canadian Immigration Programs as well.

So basically, Canadian visa processing time can take between two to four weeks, or even longer. Your visa begins to process after the Canadian authorities receive your application. If some of your documents will be missing, the processing time will get delayed. Lets now understand various factors that can influence your Canada Visa Processing time

8 Factors that influence your Canadian Study Visa Processing Time

As discussed above, the processing starts when the Embassy or the authorities receive your complete application. Various factors are:

  • Type of application that has been submitted
  • Complete application with correct information
  • Supporting documents disclosed or not
  • Whether the immigration department is going through any Backlog
  • How quickly you respond to their requests or queries
  • Previous criminal records
  • Travel restriction or Ban executed at the time of the visa application
  • A change in political conditions

So, these were the various factors that can affect your Visa processing time.

But many of you may still be wondering what can be the possible reasons of such a delay apart from the above factors. There are various reasons why you may have to inadvertently avoid to avoid delays.

The various reasons are-

  • Unsuccessful Payment Of Fees
  • Inappropriate Paperwork
  • Data and documents verification
  • Unexpected Ineligibility

Let’s discuss all of these in detail.

1) Unsuccessful Payment of Fees-

There are a variety of examples in which people have skipped to pay one type of fee or the other. As there are an end number of costs applicable to different types of programs, there may be chances that you accidentally skip anyone or pay the wrong amount. And all this can lead to a delay in your Visa Application.

Also paying through bank transfer is no more applicable. Fees can only be paid through an online mode. You just need to make sure that which type of payment option is applicable to your program

2) Inappropriate Paperwork-

Paperwork and other documents should give the true and accurate information that is needed along with your accurate signatures and clear photocopies of all the documents required. Any false information or Misrepresentation can lead to lengthy delays and other serious consequences.

3) Data and documents verification-

It takes time for the authorities to check and verify the documents that you have submitted. Delays happen when authorities need to get verifications from outside Canada. Before accepting the application, documents need to be double checked. So, it is advised to submit clear documents along with digital financial statements and modern passports.

4) Unexpected Ineligibility-

Inadmissibility can be of various types. IRCC gives a serious node to the background of the applicants. It may refuse the entry of the immigrants based on their proof of funds, health, criminal records, etc. Those who had direct involvement in terrorist activities and in criminal activities may find it difficult to enter Canada.

So, if you too want to come to Canada, fasten up your seat belts, get your past records, health, and finances settled. Get in touch with a good Immigration Consultant that will guide you on various matters for your easy entry into Canada. If you too are in search of good Immigration Consultants, then Humble Immigration is always present at your service! Pick up your phones now and get in touch with us!

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