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Sponsoring Your Spouse To Canada? Answering All Your Queries Below

Sponsoring Your Spouse To Canada? Answering All Your Queries Below

Sponsoring your Spouse to Canada? All your queries are resolved!

Are you also dreaming to reunite and live with your families? Are you also wondering to sponsor your spouse and family to Canada and want to apply for a Canadian Spouse Visa? Then worry not! Today we will be answering all your possible queries and doubts in our guide. But first, read our following article to get to know about some basic requirements and eligibility to get your Canadian Spouse Visa.

Candidates looking for spousal sponsorship to Canada face an exceptionally complicated lawful interaction, whether or not the application is submitted locally or at a Canadian international Embassy. Every year thousands of immigrants migrate to Canada through various sponsorships and programs and we receive thousands of queries every year. So, based on your inquiries, we have curated a guide to help you out in getting answers to all your questions.

1) How long CIC takes to process our application?

The Standard processing time is 6 to 12 months. It may be more or less as per each case. At present, because of COVID, there are delays in the handling times of the applications. Check out the processing time for your student visa in our article

2) Is getting married necessary to get my spousal sponsorship?

Yes definitely, you are required to be married and provide the official marriage certificate as legal proof. The license of Marriage is not at all acceptable.

3) What are the details about Common Law Partner?

If you are living together with your partner, that will be termed as common law partner. Two people who are living together and have combined their dealings and are running a household in one place. To be considered as common-law partners, at least 1-year cohabitation with your partner is a must. Getting married is not necessary but you need to prove that you are living together for one year.

4) What if I don’t possess some portion of the documents that are required?

You can make an honest effort to give some other document that may work and look similar to the document required. If you don’t have any such document, you have to give a clarification on why you don’t possess such a document.

5) Is the police verification document and medical examination to be presented on the spot?

No, medical examination and police verification are not needed upfront and are required 1-2 months subsequent to the submission of application as these documents are hard to acquire and police clearance also takes time.

6) Who requires police clearance and a medical examination?

Just the candidate and the dependent child require these (if relevant).

7) What are the possibilities my application will get refused?

The genuineness of your relationship with your partner is very much significant. This is the central thought of CIC when they are assessing your application. Thus, you should gather the document necessities, and assuming that you don't, you have to give a step by step clarification.

8) Can Same-Sex couples apply for sponsorship?

Yes, Indeed. Just the same as the opposite-sex couples apply. Canada has an exorbitant interest in same-sex migration since Canada is transparently accepting the LGBTQ people group.

9) Would my spouse be able to work while their application is processed?

Yes, but only if they have a valid work permit. Read this full article to get all the necessary details about how to apply work permit for your spouse.

10) What are the expected changes in Spousal Sponsorship 2022?

  • Quicker handling times
  • Single application for all applicants whether inside or outside Canada
  • Simpler relationship surveys (lesser inquiries)
  • Medicals as of now not needed upfront
  • Police authentications are presently just needed from the current home country and country in which you lived through the greater part of your grown-up life (if not the same as your current country)
  • Access to data online
  • Endorsing more Canadian sponsorship applications as a feature of their obligation to family reunification
  • Earmarked $25 million in the annual budget to support quicker family sponsorship processing times.

11) What if my Spouse Sponsorship application is refused?

Inland Spousal Sponsorships are not qualified for an appeal; applicants should re-apply. Outland Spousal Sponsorships are qualified for an appeal within 30 days of getting the refusal letter. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have more queries.

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