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Work Permit in Canada for spouse/common-law partner

 Work Permit in Canada for spouse/common-law partner

Foreign students who are enrolled full-time in a course in Canada may choose to bring their married spouses or common-law partners with them.

In such scenarios, the overseas spouse consultants will guide your spouse or partner through the application procedure for a spousal open work permit, which allows your partner to enter Canada.

Eligibility criteria for spouse visa in Canada

Your spouse or partner will be eligible for an open work permit if you are an international student with a valid student permit at any of the certified schools or colleges in Canada that can lawfully confer degrees such as Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorates under statutory law.

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When to apply?

The spouse/partner can apply for a work permit before or after they arrive in Canada. The spouse or partner does not need a work offer to apply for the permit in these cases.

The spouse or partner usually enters the country as a guest and then applies for a work permit to extend their stay. In this circumstance, the flexibility to apply for a work visa from within Canada is advantageous.

This permit enables them to take any job with any employer. In other cases, the spouse or partner may be required to apply for a work permit for a specific employer, which may result from the employer being assessed by LaborMarketImpactAssessment (LMIA). An LMIA authorizes an employer to hire someone for a specific job.

Visa Validity

The validity of the spouse/partner’s permit corresponds to the validity of the student permit.

How do you apply?

It can take months to process an open work permit for your spouse/partner.

Applying online, on the other hand, may expedite the process.

  • There are no courier fees or delivery times
  • The application is immediately received.
  • It also assists applicants in ensuring that the application and all required documents are correct before submitting them.
  • Updates on the status of the application can be viewed directly through their account.

You can also apply online in your IRCC account within Canada.

Application Procedures

To apply online a candidate must have the following items-

  • Create an online account to apply
  • Scanned or electronic copies of the required documents and photos
  • A valid credit or debit card
  • A careful reading of the instructions to guide them through the entire process
  • Before uploading the form, proper answers to some questions must be provided to create a personalized document checklist
  • Processing fees and other financial requirements must also be met.

Documents required-

  • Proof of the candidate’s spouse’s status as a student, such as a letter of acceptance
  • Proof of spouse or common-law relationship such as shared residential ownership, utility bills, joint leases, and so on.
  • Proof of the candidate's spouse/common-law partner's current study permit.
  • A copy of the candidate’s passport
  • A passport-sized photograph

Once the work permit is issued, the candidate can begin applying for jobs in Canada. They must apply for their Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada, as SIN is required to work in Canada.

The date of expiration is printed on every work permit. If the spouse desires to stay in Canada for a longer amount of time, they must apply for a permit extension before the current one expires.

Keep in mind that being the husband or partner of a student qualifies you for a work visa. Your student permit must be renewed before or at the same time as your spouse/common-law partner's permit to stay over the expiration date.

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