Investors, Start-up business class

How can I migrate to Canada as a business immigrant?
The Canadian Government selects business class immigrants according to their ability and capability to become economically self dependent and in turn support the development and upliftment of the Canadian economy as well.
Business workers are individuals who can put resources into, or start organizations in Canada and are relied upon to help the improvement of a solid and prosperous Canadian economy.
There are 2 types of business immigrants:

•        Who enters with a start-up visa

•        Who are Self-employed immigrants

Start-up visa Program Canada

What is the eligibility for Start-up visa Program?

To be qualified, you should have:

•        A responsibility of help from an authorized and designated Canadian venture capitalist, a business incubator, or other angel investors.

•        A capacity to communicate easily in one or the other language that is French or English.

•        Sufficient cash to settle and accommodate the average cost for basic items prior to acquiring a pay.

Self or Independently Employed Persons

What is the eligibility for Self or independently employed Persons?

To be qualified, you should have one of these:

•        Experience that will make a huge commitment and contribution to social or athletic life in Canada; or

•        Experience in farm management and you must have an intention to and be able to buy and manage a farm in Canada.


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