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Nigerian Man Discovers His Creativity & Inventiveness While Studying in Canada

Nigerian Man Discovers His Creativity & Inventiveness While Studying in Canada

Nigerian man discovers his ingenuity in Canada

In a piece of shocking news, a Nigerian man discovered he has an IQ that shows he is smarter than 99% of the world.

@Larenzo on Twitter, he has completed his graduation from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Nigeria. He received a third-class degree at his graduation. However, when he went to Canada for further studies, his teachers noticed his problem-solving abilities.

He shared, " I graduated with a third class in OAU. But, in Canada, my lecturers got impressed with my abilities and asked me to take an IQ test. Surprisingly, my test scores were high, certifying that I am a genius! Also, I topped my class in Canada. Who would have known something like this could happen?"

Due to the failing education system in Nigeria, he had no clue of his brilliance. But, thanks to the staff in Canada, he was able to see how underrated he was in Nigeria. The incident led him to speak up about the Nigerian education condition.

He revealed this in response to a tweet that quoted how people lose opportunities because they were born in Nigeria. Such an incident shows how the quality of a country's education system determines the fate of its people. Canada has a pool of highly qualified and expert professionals who use their experience to build a better future.

The Canadian education system:

The Canadian education system ranks on top of the education list because of its quality learning atmosphere. Not only do they have a highly trained faculty, but they also possess the latest technology to support their system. From elementary to post-graduation, they bring diverse perspectives to the classroom.

Also, they do not make anybody feel unwanted but welcome them with open and warm arms. Canada is an excellent place to balance work and education. Their quality of life ranks among the highest in the world. The students who graduate from Canada have a higher earning potential than others. They are proficient and flexible in their careers and strive to grow. Also, studying in Canada is much more affordable than in other countries as their tuition fees are the lowest.

Canada provides you an experience of a lifetime, showing you every color in all its glory. You feel comfortable just like at home, even if your native country is miles apart.

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