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How to authenticate your immigrant consultant of Canada?

How to authenticate your immigrant consultant of Canada?

With the rise in immigration from India to Canada, many fraudsters have started playing with people's minds by offering fake promises to satisfy their greed for money. The rapid increase in such incidents has shaken the faith of naive people in immigration consultants. It has caused the professional consultants in the field to prove their innocence. 

If you are visiting Canada for the first time, you should be aware of the scams targeted at newcomers. You should prepare yourself for any wrongdoings that may happen to you:

•    Fake government officials: Scammers may dupe you by posing as government officials. They use scaring mechanisms to rob money from people. They will call you to tell you that you have done something wrong. And will cause panic by saying they will deport or punish you unless you pay the fees. If you confront such situations, keep in mind that: 
1.    IRCC never calls to collect fines or fees.
2.    They do not threaten to harm you or your family members or send police.
3.    They do not aggressively deport you.
4.    Do not ask for personal information except for verification.
5.    Do not prompt you to pay fees electronically.

•    E-mail scams: You may get e-mails convincing you to send your personal information and bank account details. Beware of such links and e-mails and verify the sources before taking any action. Legal officials do not send such bulk e-mails to strangers.

•    Employment offers: Many fraudsters constitute a network of ghost recruitment agencies and consultancy firms. These agencies call from different parts of the country and propose fake job opportunities in Canada. These scammers copy information from legitimate sources, so you are unable to verify their real identity. In this way, they convince people to pay funds for the immigration process and dupe you millions. 

You can protect yourself from such fraud by checking the license of the representative. Authorized lawyers and consultants possess a valid license issued to them by the Canadian province. You can check the authenticity of your immigration consultants by 
1.    Visiting the IRCC website:

2.    Fill in the details- RCIC number, company name, and place. In our case it is (R706127) Harpreet Singh Chadha

3.    Click 'Search' and find information regarding your consultant. 


RCIC offers a customized immigration strategy to strengthen your application. They complete the paperwork and acknowledge the immigration options beyond your knowledge. 

Benefits of RCIC:

1.    Simplification: They have a robust knowledge of the process due to years of training and qualifications in the field. 

2.    Data privacy: Frauds happen when you share your personal and sensitive information with unauthorized consultants. However, RCIC ensures the security of the data. You can sue them and get their licenses suspended in case of mishandling. 

3.    Documentation: There is a lot of paperwork involved in the immigration process. But, RCIC has updated information and ensures error-free arrangement of documents.

4.    Data management- RCIC ensures maintenance of your profile for up to 7 years. 


When you file your visa application through an authorized representative, you do not face any stress of rejection. It is because their vast experience and hard work allow no room for incompetency and errors. Humble Immigrations is one such firm that works in good faith and helps you fulfill your dreams. 

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