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What Are The Highest Paying Part Time Jobs In Canada For Indian Students 2022?

What Are The Highest Paying Part Time Jobs In Canada For Indian Students 2022?


Wondering which jobs are the best for students studying in Canada that pay you handsome salaries along with an excellent work life balance, then we have got you covered!

If you are an international student, the only way for you to provide for your fees, cost of living, and other expenses is to earn some extra bucks. And the only way to do that is to get a part-time job which is available in ample numbers for college students in Canada. Even some of the employers provide huge benefits to the part time employees as well like covering your tuition fees, health, and dental costs, stock options along with providing flexible schedules. So, having a part time job is just like having a cherry on the cake!

It is extremely fascinating for certain organizations to establish a youthful climate to attract different students as their customers. Also, most important, is to hold trained and talented students and offer them the chance to grow up with the organization.

It tends to be extremely difficult to focus on a job while exams are approaching. Indeed, even part time occupations can be difficult to go to during a week loaded with exams. Hence, we will give you now a rundown of the best lucrative part time occupations for undergrads in Canada. These jobs will provide you with proper compensation for your exams along with a good work life balance. Take a look at the list underneath:

  1. Editor: Is writing your hobby? You can convert your hobby into your profession. If you have excellent grammar and spelling along with a unique writing style, you can become a content editor and can start editing books, newspapers, websites, magazines, etc. On a project basis, you can work and can earn around 40 to 60 dollars in an hour.
  2. Writer: Are you imaginative and creative? If you have exceptional writing and editing skills, then you can start working as a freelance writer or can easily start working with an employer. But for this job, you need to take a look at the approaching deadlines. You should be able to create focused content, but you may choose your specific niche. It pays up to $55 per hour.
    Content Writer
  3. Driver: Are you an excellent driver? Then this job is just for you. Driving is an excellent opportunity for new immigrant students as there are many companies that are hiring students for this task. Although you may not have a fancy car, you just need to get a vehicle to pass a background check. You may expect between $15 to $30 per hour which becomes even more in big provinces. And the greatest part for students is the huge flexibility of working hours. You may even become a truck driver which is also a lucrative part-time high paying job option.
    Truck Driver Canada
  4. Translator: Are you a pro in any international language? The work of the translator is to translate the text from one language to the other. This can be the ideal job to earn some extra bucks. The payment can range from $14/hr - $55/hr. for this kind of job, having excellent language skills is a must.
    Translator Canada
  5. Waiter: Love to serve customers? Waiters are in high demand all across Canada nowadays. As a waiter, you can get your minimum assured wage along with a handsome tip on the top whopping up to 20 dollars per hour. Also, the students can have a flexible schedule as some restaurants hire part-time waiters on weekend nights.
    Waiter in canada
  6. Night auditor: Good in Mathematics and comfortable to work overnight in a hotel? Then this job is right for you. You will work as a bookkeeper, assisting all the guests and taking care of all the paper works. For this, you must be good at crunching numbers and must have a basic knowledge of accounts. You can earn around 30 dollars per hour.

    Night Auditor Canada
  7. Tutor: Interested in teaching? Have expertise in a particular subject? Then, you can earn a whopping amount of money per hour just by teaching students. The hourly compensation for a private mentor fluctuates a great deal, however, it regularly goes between $30 to $60 per hour.
    Tutor in canada
  8. Fitness instructor: Physically fit and have fitness certifications? Then this job is just for you. This is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada where you can work for private clients and even in high tech gyms. The average pay scale is 30 dollars per hour but it can go high up to 100 dollars per hour.

    Fitness Instructor canada
  9. Music Teacher: Do you also have a sweet thing in your voice that makes everyone fall for that? Then this can be the best opportunity for you to earn some extra bucks just by giving music classes. If you play the guitar just like a Rockstar, then you can start giving guitar lessons. The hourly wage is varied around 24 dollars per hour which can even go up to 100 dollars for experienced teachers.

    Music Teacher canada
  10. Computerized College Note Taker: Are you Excellent in studying? Do you also love attending college classes? Then this job is for you! You can help deaf students by attending their classes and by making their typed notes. You can expect an average salary of $36 per hour.

    Note Taking canada
  11. Dog Walker: Who wouldn’t love this job? A perfect job for pet lovers to have fun with pets and earn a few bucks side by side. A dog walker walks 3- 6 dogs at a time every day or 4 to 5 days per week. You can be paid around 25 to 40 dollars for private half-hour walks. But you need to commit to taking good care of these pets at any cost.

    Dog Walker
  12. Social Media Assistant: Know the basics of social media and digital marketing? This can be an excellent part-time or a freelance job for you. You can use your knowledge to market and manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other sites for companies to increase their engagements. You can earn up to 85 dollars per hour.
    Social media Assistant
  13. Non-Profit charity fundraiser: Love to face the public and interact with people? This job will require you to raise funds for the non-profit organizations and you can expect up to 30 dollars per hour.
  14. Online research: Do you love researching quality content and amazing ideas for the business? So, being an online researcher can be a very good opportunity for you. You will be required to support businesses by researching knowledge and business ideas for them to be delivered to the. You can expect up to $38 an hour.
    Online Research
  15. Circulation clerk: As a circulation clerk you will be required to do shelf maintenance, charging books, shelving library materials, data inputting, and telephone calls answering along with some clerical library activities using an automated circulation system. You will perform routine library computer functions. You will be paid 19 dollars per hour. Some prior experience in customer service is necessary.
    Circulation Clerk Canada
  16. Bartender: Cheers! Want to make huge bucks in less time? If you have experience as a bartender and you are talented as well then this job is best for you. You can make a whopping amount of 1000 dollars in just 3 nights. Isn’t it amazing? A super old yet favorite option of a lot of students! Working in your college canteens and cafes will pay you much more than what you will get in a normal restaurant. The compensation goes between $15 to $30 per hour and you can acquire a few free dinners and espressos.
    Bartender Canada
  17. Guest Service Coordinator: Do you have good customer and guest services skills and experience? Almost all businesses require guest service coordinators. You can get work in lot of niches like non-profit, travel, tourism, beauty, etc. You can earn up to $21 per hour. You will be required to solve the issues and queries of each customer and attend to them properly.
    Guest Service Coordinator Canada
  18. Grant analyst: Good with crunching numbers? In this job, you will be required to review, analyze and evaluate the grant process. You will be doing all the paperwork formalities that will be required for the funding process. You will be required to assist in the ongoing budget process. This job requires a year of experience and can pay up to 40 dollars per hour.
    Grant Analyst Canada
  19. Web designer: Do you have the skills to work and design on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? Do you have creativity, exceptional imagination, and a marvelous design sense? Yes? Then this job is yours! You can work as a freelance web designer, thus curating exceptional content for different companies. The payment is varied! You can earn from $20 to $150 each hour. You can work on per-project basis too. Two remarkable benefits of this job are: flexible hours and you get a chance to build your strong portfolio. You can also find an internship too.
    Web Designer Canada

Canada rocks, we all know. So, when are you going to study there too? Consult us with the form listed below, We will suggest you best time to apply.