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Express Entry Update July 2022: All-program draws set to begin again from Wednesday July 6 - says Immigration Minister

Express Entry Update July 2022: All-program draws set to begin again from Wednesday July 6 - says Immigration Minister

Express Entry: All-program draws set to begin again from Wednesday, July 6 - Says Immigration Minister

In today’s article, we will discuss the resumption of the all-program draws from the next month as told by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser In an interview.

Minister Fraser’s Special interview series

Express entry update 2022 Sean frazer

Humble Immigration is going to start a series that will include the interviews on the topics:

  • Part 1: Resume of All program draws
  • Part 2: Reforms of Express Entry
  • Upcoming improvements in the application process and overall user experience
  • Canada citizenship fee
  • Make legal undocumented workforce in Canada
  • New Immigration Level Plans for 2023-2025
  • Developing more immigration pathways for international workers and students

IRCC upholding Express Entry commitment

It is confirmed that IRCC is planning to get back on track and will normalize draws of Express Entry back to standard in this early July when all program draws will resume.

Due to COVID, Express Entry (ITA) invitations to apply for permanent residence, (FSTP) Federal Skilled Trades Program, and (CEC) Canadian Experience Class were paused for the candidates in December 2020 and September 2021 respectively.

New developments in Express Entry

Before the pandemic IRCC invited the candidates on the bases of Express Entry draws which were held bi-weekly means it invited the applicants with the best CRS scores, not with respect to their program eligibility. The shifted approach and the pause in FSTP and FSWP were justified as priority was given to the economy class candidates to travel in the country due to restrictions on travel. CEC candidates were prioritized by IRCC to achieve the goal of immigrating of new 401000 permanent residents in Canada in the end of 2021..

But this development along with the others leads to the enormous rise in the number of applications with IRCC. So, to cater to the huge rise in demand and to improve the standard for Express Entry, IRCC paused invitations for CEC in September 2021 but continued PNP’s throughout COVID to help in the progression of the Economic Development of the country.

Affect of all-program draws on Express Entry Applicants

The resume of all-program draws will be a welcome step for all the FSTP, FSWP, and CEC candidates.

The exact and the most important way for all the economic class immigrants to enter in Canada is FSWP. There was a huge demand for FSWP candidates even in the pandemic as designated by Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), Research by World Education Services (WES). As draws to CEC candidates are getting resumed, this will help those candidates who are already living in Canada to maintain legal status in order to live there. After getting an ITA, an Express Entry Candidate can submit their PR Application to apply for BOWP (bridging open work permit) which will help them to maintain their legal status in the time their PR application is processed. CEC applicants have not had the option to profit from the BOWP without any ITAs since September 2021.

Perceiving this, IRCC likewise reported in April that it would offer an open work grant expansion to the primary group of CEC applicants viable this late spring. This group is of those whose Post Graduate Work permit is expired or getting expired. No information on when IRCC will start to acknowledge open work license applications for these people.

How does Express Entry work?

It was introduced back in 2015. Qualified competitors transfer their profiles on IRCC's site. They are then granted CRS score in light of their human resources attributes like their age, schooling, language abilities, and work insight. At the point when all-program draws continue, IRCC is supposed to welcome those with the most noteworthy CRS scores to apply for PR, just like the standard before the pandemic.

IRCC is proposing a significant change to Express Entry that would give the Ministerial Instructions Department, the power to give ITAs to specific people which it accepts will be strategically set up to help Canada's different financial requirements.

The minister made a sense of the reasoning for this proposition while in front of an audience at Collision, expressing "In the event that we can foresee abilities that are required over the course of the following 20 to 30 years, individuals will be invited who can raise a ruckus around the town running and have a significant financial effect.

Anyway, he said that this proposition is as yet being evaluated in the Canadian Parliament and Senate, and consequently, he isn't in that frame of mind right now to give a time span on when IRCC might start to utilize this new methodology.

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