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Everything You Need to Know About Latest Interview by IRCC Minister Sean Frazer

Everything You Need to Know About Latest Interview by IRCC  Minister Sean Frazer

Everything You Need to Know About Latest Interview by IRCC Minister Sean Frazer in  2022

IRCC Minister, Honorable Sean Fraser in an exclusive interview talked about his views on taking backlogs and the latest Canadian immigration requirements.

1)New Vision of taking Canadian Immigration Department to Next Level:

Immigration Vision

The interview started with Sean’s vision of taking the Canadian immigration department to a new level. As per his view, Canada needs more migration to assist with developing it’s economy while they try to recuperate from this pandemic. They are trying to address specific demographic difficulties that are looking straight at them from so many years while setting forth some genuine framework to further develop the client experience especially for those who are waiting for so long to unite with their families.

2)Number of people to be permitted to migrate to Canada 2022:

 expected Immigration growth Canada

The next part of the interview was Sean’s take on the number of people to be permitted to migrate to Canada. So as per the reports, the official target is 411,000 new permanent residents that can be permitted to migrate to Canada. The number might increase as per the minister’s strong view to growing the country’s economy and other communities. The final decision is yet to come once they finalize all the key details.

3) Black Market Of LMIA: 

Black market of Limia

Then Sean’s views were taken on the existing system of black marketing of LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). Let us tell you what LMIA is. So basically it is a document that any employer in Canada might have to get prior to employing a foreign laborer. An LMIA which is positive will demonstrate that there is a requirement for a foreign laborer to join the work. It will likewise show that none of the Canadian laborers or PR occupants is accessible to do the work. As per the reports, due to the existence of the black market, LMIA’s as sold for 40 to 50 thousand dollars for a single piece. And due to this, a lot of genuine businesses suffer. Host questioned about how the minister will plan to resolve this issue and other things to which the minister replied that they are strictly working with the Employment and Workforce Development minister who is actually responsible for LMIAs. They are ensuring that there is a strong framework that can spot those bad elements that are compromising the integrity of the system. They are making sure to enforce all the rules to kick out frauds from the system. They are constantly working to speed up the process so as to improve the customer experience so that they are not tempted towards doing any such fraud.

4) Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)


Next, the host asked about the grandparent and parent sponsorship program which is often labeled as unfair. So, is the minister going to change it? Let’s find out. So, as per Sean, this is the most challenging aspect of Canadian immigration as the number of people who send applications to sponsor their parents and grandparents always so much exceed the limit of acceptance of applications by the department. As per him, they are looking to improve the system to accommodate the demand but this system will continue to pose challenges for all.

5) English Language Proficiency Level Requirements: 

English Level Requirements

Next, the host bought the attention of the minister towards the English language proficiency level requirements. As per the host, the people who have already worked for 3 to 4 years in Canada and are well adjusted to the language are still required to give IELTS exam. So, are there any views of the minister on setting any different English level requirements for different fields? Let’s check them out. So the minister is actively looking at it and especially they have learned a lot from their TR to PR program. Individuals, who were living as a TR and wanted to have a PR, didn't qualify at the specific language levels that projects would commonly require. So they are effectively checking out the requirement of the language necessities as far as admittance to individuals especially those who've been in Canada for quite a while and have exhibited an ability to settle well in Canada not enduring any deficiencies they might have with regards to the conventional language levels that they require.

6) How Canada is dealing with express entry Backlogs:

Immigration Backogs

Then the minister’s views were taken on the backlogs. They are in the process of hiring the staff to flush out the express entry backlogs and clean the system. They are planning to flip the system to a digitalized platform where they will be having offices all over the world that will more easily process the application online as it will not be in the paper form. All the applicants will be able to see the application status online. 85 million dollars are invested to further decrease the processing times for all types of applications.

7) Good News for Illegal Refugees & Immigrants:

Good news For immigrants

Towards the end, the minister told that they are also working towards proper registration of the undocumented people who are working there for a long and contributing to the economy. But due to the fear that the people have of being caught and deported, they don’t want to come into the government’s eyes. But still, they are trying their level best to run some pilot programs on good faith so that they can easily work on this right path.

In the end, the minister reiterated his priorities including the increase of the aspiration for Canada’s Immigration system to welcome more immigrants to make sure that they can get workers into jobs, to further speed up the application processing times to improve the experience for families who are trying to reunite with their loved ones and at the last that people have faith that when they will apply so long as they qualify, they will be able to immigrate to Canada.

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