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Complete step by step guide for Express entry Profile in Canada 2022

Complete step by step guide for Express entry Profile in Canada 2022

The Unconventional Guide to Express Entry system of Canada in 2022

Hoping to fasten up your immigration process to Canada? Then we have got you covered! Read on our today’s article to know about Express Entry 2022 requirements, process, application processing time, cost, and much more! Talking about Canada- which is a dream destination for all, follows a point based ranking system which is termed CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System which provides points to the applicants on the basis of their talents and skills, their employment history, experience, etc. Let’s now understand what actually Express Entry System is.

A guide to the Canadian Express Entry System!

Canada Express Entry Guide 2022

Express Entry program is a streamlined program for immigration that is open throughout the year. This program applies to

1) Federal Skilled Worker Program

2) Federal Skilled Trades Program

3) Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program.

An Expression of Interest is to be submitted and you need to apply under any of the job types stated in Skill Types 0, A, and B. Then your profile will be assessed on the basis of points and will be put in the applicant pool. Then your profile will be assessed by the Canadian provinces and employers and they will find the talents on the basis of the requirements. The one having the maximum points will be sent an (ITA) Invitation to Apply for the Canadian PR.

Read on the related FAQs to quench all your thirst to know more about the Canadian Express Entry System.

Related FAQ’s

What is the Eligibility Criterion to apply for Express Entry Program?

Ans- It varies according to your CRS score which is 1200 points maximum. Along with that, it assesses you and your spouse on the basis of your age, level of education, Canadian work experience, English language skills, Educational Credential Assessment report, and a minimum score of 67 to meet the requirements for some of the programs, health, and financial assets to support yourself. Eligibility Criteria may be different as per the program selected.

What is the minimum score needed to qualify for the Express Entry?

CRS Score

Ans- A minimum score differs according to different programs. No minimum points are required for Federal Skilled Trade or Canadian Experience Class. A minimum score of 67 from total 100 is required to be eligible for EE if you are migrating under the Federal Skilled Worker Class.

How much score is required for each qualifying factor?

Ans- For Age, 12 points are required. For education-25 points, Language skills-24 points (English/French), and Adaptability skills - utmost of 10 points, Agreed employment- extra 10 points but it is not necessary.

What are the requirements to apply for a visa to Canada under Express Entry?

Ans- Qualifying anyone visa program under the Express Entry, Minimum 2 years or more experience, Minimum 6 bands in IELTS, Qualifying health necessities of Canada, sufficient funds to settle easily in Canada.

When is a job offer required for Canadian Express Entry?

Ans- Job Offer is not required for Express Entry. But, it is a good idea to check the eligibility criteria of the selected program before applying.

Which documents are to be submitted with PR application after getting ITA through the Express Entry pool?

Ans- The documents required are- Medical Certificate, Police clearance certificate, you and your family’s birth certificates, marriage certificate, passport, Proof of funds to support yourself and your family.

What are the documents required for Canadian Express entry?

Ans- You need to provide information on the various documents like passport, Results of your language test, ECA report (Education Credential Assessment) if you are submitting the application through the FSWP, Nomination from a Canadian province if any, offer letter from a Canadian employer if any. These documents are not needed to be uploaded while making a profile for the Express Entry.

What is the next step after getting an ITA from Canada through Express Entry?

Ans- The applicant needs to upload the documents required. See the checklist issued by IRCC and pay the specified fees. The funds specified should be shown and the application should also be submitted within 60 days.

How much time it will be taken by the Canadian Government to process the applications submitted through the Express Entry?

Ans- The processing time is 6 months for permanent residence applications that are filed through the Express Entry program.

What are the language tests options under the Express Entry program?

Ans- For the English language- CELPIP named as Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program IELTS named as International English Language Testing System for General Training

For French- TEF Canada which is Test d’évaluation de français

TCF Canada which is Test de connaissance du français

Can I have 2 Express Entry profiles?

Ans- No, only 1 profile is mandatory. Having more than one profile won't build your odds of being welcomed or getting welcomed under an alternate program.

How much time it will be taken by the Canadian Government to process the applications submitted through the Express Entry?

What are the factors and various sub-factors under the CRS System?

Ans- Maximum 1200 points are granted.

  1. Human Capital factor plus Spouse/common-law partner factors which become a Maximum of 500 points.
  2. Human Capital factor plus Spouse/common-law partner factors plus Transferability factors which becomes a Maximum of 600 points.
  3. Human Capital factor + Spouse/common-law partner factors plus Transferability factors + Additional factors which becomes a Maximum of 1200 points.



The max score which can be earned from this is 100.

How much cost is involved in Canadian Express Entry?

Ans- The submission of fees depends on your type of application. The important fee structure is given below-

Minimum Cost required for Express Entry Canada

Various other Costs included are:

  • (ECA): about 300 CAD each applicant
  • Language exams: about 300 CAD each exam
  • Nomination from provinces, if it is applicable: between (New Brunswick) 250 CAD, 1,500 CAD for Ontario.
  • Other various expenditures: certificates, translations, notaries, courier deliveries, biometrics, affidavits, etc.

What is the Application Fee for a Canada PR visa?


  • Single applicant fees are 825 CAD for CIC plus 500 (fee for Right to your PR) = 1325 CAD (inclusive of your fees for visa and your PR fees)
  • Couple Application Fees: (CAD 825 multiplied by 2) = 2650 CAD plus 500 (Fee for Right to PR)
  • Dependent Child fees: 225 CAD for every child
  • Fees for Medical examination: Rs. 3,000 (varied)
  • Police certificate fees: Rs. 500 (varied)

Are IRCC and CIC one and the same?

Ans-Yes, CIC refers to Citizenship and Immigration Canada while IRCC refers to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. They both are the same. In 2015, CIC was renamed IRCC.

Now ICCRC was replaced by CICC as the new Canada immigration regulatory body. The former Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) was renamed as The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants on November 23, 2021.

What is Canada’s express entry draws?

Ans- Express entry draw is the main method of selecting applicants. In this, a pool of eligible candidates for ITA is made based upon the CRS score. Every two weeks this process takes place, and the candidates who score highest are sent ITA’s (Invitation to Apply). They can then apply for Permanent Resident Visas.

How I can immigrate to Canada easily?

Ans- We can move to Canada through Visitor Visa, Study Visa, Work Permit, Express Entry, Business Investor Program, (PNP) Provincial Nominee Program. We hope all your queries are now resolved. If you still have doubts, feel free to get in touch with us!

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