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Best Places to Live in Canada

Best Places to Live in Canada

Best places to live in Canada for Indian immigrant families

When you think of living abroad, what factors do you keep in mind? Quality of life, cost of education, safety, affordable living etc. are the main factors that are looked into.

Canada is the top destination for those who wish to settle and live abroad. Canada has the best infrastructure and facilities in the world. If we see the data of the last decade, we can see sharp increase in the number of immigrants who migrated to Canada for in search of better opportunities and permanent settlement.

Canada has the biggest landmass after Russia. So, if you have planned to move to Canada to settle there permanently then we can assure you that you will be overwhelmed by it’s size. We, Humble Immigration are here to provide you a breath of cool, fresh and clean Canadian air and to make your decision of settling abroad a lot easier.

So, are you wondering where you would like to settle in Canada? The popular destinations to live in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, Calgary and Ottawa etc. These are the top citifies that are on the top in terms of quality of life and living. It is on the top of everyone’s list who is willing to relocate. Often immigrants increase when there is a change in major things in their own countries like education or political policies etc. For example-after UK’s general election in 2019, searches for “immigrate to Canada” went up by 50 times. Are you also willing to relocate? We will now look through the list of best places to live in Canada. We will discuss about all these cities in Canada in detail giving regards to the cost of living, quality of life, size, occupations, culture etc.

Some cities that make Canada a paradise for immigrants are-


According to our experts, Montréal is on the top of our list and should be at the top of your list as well if you are planning to move to Canada. According to our experts view, work life balance and various affordable and easy options available for housing make it the best choice for all. It has high quality of life.

But if you are planning to settle here, you should consider the weather and climate of this place which is generally cold and snowy. This may bring the feeling of discontent along with the lack of availability of quality healthcare.

Language and Cultural Life

Here you will come across bilingual people who can speak both French and English. However the dominant language is French making it the official language of the country. More than 65% of the population speaks French. For this main reason, English speaking immigrants may struggle while coming across the local residents. But, still you will find the city as the most multicultural. It has a lot to offer for your entertainment, life and leisure.

Size and Area:

Being the most populated of all the cities of Canada and also in the province of Quebec, it covers an area of about just 431 km squared (4,639 sq. miles) and has the population of about 1.7 million.

Work and job Opportunities

Most prominent industries and occupations are related to-:

  • Commerce;
  • Transport;
  • Finance;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Technology;
  • Design;
  • Education;
  • Art, culture, and film;
  • Tourism;
  • Food;
  • Fashion;
  • Gaming.

As number of French speaker is more, English speakers may not get the job opportunities which are given to the French speakers. So that’s why there is a need for you to pass some level of French test also before migrating to get your work permit in Quebec.

Expenditure of Living

  • Monthly expenses can go up to 1,000 CAD (750 USD) without rent and yearly expenses for a single person can go up to approximately 28,000 CAD (21,100 USD).
  • Housing is pretty affordable ranging between 200 CAD (900 USD) per month for a one-bedroom apartment to 2,000 CAD (1,500 USD) for a master 3-bedroom apartment in the city center.
  • But away from the city centre they can further go down to 800 and 1,300 CAD (980 USD).
  • Basic cost of utilities can go around 90 CAD (67 USD) and CAD (33 USD) for internet.


Toronto- also really diverse cultured and open minded place to live in, so immigrants from diverse backgrounds can easily settle here. Set of diverse cultured people, almost immigrants of all countries prefer this place and it has population from greater than 250 countries which makes it ethnically diverse.

Language and Cultural Life: Inclusion of really diverse set of migrants has influenced the varied culture and cuisine of the city. The city is really broad minded, culturally progressive and metropolitan. The city has many events such as sports, festivals, cultural activities whole year.

Size and Area

The largest city in Ontario province, it has a region of about 630 km square and population of around 2.94 million.

Work and job Opportunities:There are hundreds of work opportunities in the city. For employment, best sectors to keep in mind are-

  • Finance;
  • Film & cinema;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Business;
  • Media;
  • IT;
  • Engineering.

Expenditure of Living

  • The most expensive of all the cities in Canada is Toronto. It has the highest expenses of living. Your average expenses per year will be around 45,400 CAD.
  • If you are considering 1 bedroom apartment, the rent will be around 45,380 CAD (33,880 USD). Buying your own house will cost you around 766,000 CAD (576,290 USD).
  • Transportation monthly pass will cost you 146 CAD (109 USD). Hourly taxi fare is almost 31 CAD (23 USD).
  • 1,977 CAD (1,476 USD) per month tuition fees is expected if you want to get your child admitted in any good school.


Calgary is regarded as the “American” city of Canada because of the cowboy image and conservative character and learning. This city has less diverse cultures as compared to Vancouver, Toronto and other cities. But still, the city is making much effort to disregard the image.

The city has various outdoor activities and adventures along with many cultural and art destinations. The city has much lower crime rate and lower taxes. The transportation network is really good and well developed. This is the main reason that many migrants flock to this city.

Language and Cultural Life:

The city has a diverse cultural life as people from different backgrounds come together and lives here. Immigrants find abundant fashion, food, festivals, events, celebrations all throughout the year.

Size and Area

The region of Calgary is 825.3 kilometer square (8,883 sq. miles). The city has a inhabitants about of 1.3 million. It is situated in the region of Alberta.

Work and job Opportunities:If you are highly skilled then you will not struggle to get work in this well developed Canadian city. You can look for work in these industries-

  • Financial services;
  • Oil, gas & petroleum;
  • Agriculture;
  • IT;
  • Geology;
  • Tourism;
  • Architecture;
  • Education;
  • Healthcare;
  • Construction;
  • Urban planning;
  • Artistic media and art;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Engineering.

Expenditure of Living:

  • The city has much expenses of living just like Vancouver and Toronto. But this will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can expect around 33,855 CAD (25,276 USD) on per year basis as your average expenses of living. Buying a house will cost you around 432,000 CAD (325,260 USD). If you are planning to rent a house then 760 to 1,000 CAD (574–753 USD) each month you are expected to pay and that also for a single room apartment.
  • For a triple or quad bedroom apartment, you are expected to pay approximately between 210 to 250 CAD (161–188 USD). Internet will cost you around 60–80 CAD (70–95 USD).
  • Transport pass cost around 106 CAD (79 USD), and hourly taxi fare is around 30 CAD (23 USD).


Ottawa- the capital of Canada is the perfect example of an ideal capital; It has everything that a good capital have. It offers you various job opportunities, high living standards, budget friendly housing, much lower crime rate, good cultural life, work life balance and lush green parks and places to have picnics with your friends and families.

Cultural Life: Ottawa may not seem much happening to you as in comparison with Montréal, Toronto, or Vancouver but also its certainly not boring. Its night life, museums, galleries, theatres, parks offer you various opportunities from which you can choose to enjoy outdoors.

Size and Area

Much bigger than the size of Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, and Calgary taking together, it’s the 4th most populated city in Canada. Located in Ontario province, its population is around 934,000 in an area of 2,890 km squared (30,031 square miles).

Work and job Opportunities:Major sectors where you can work are-

  • Technology;
  • Federal government;
  • Agriculture;
  • Finance;
  • Insurance;
  • Real estate;
  • Trade;
  • Health;
  • Education.

Most advanced sector out of all is Technology sector. This sector offers more than 80000 job opportunities alone. You can earn around 60,000 to 70,000 CAD (45,000-52,800 USD) in a year which is the average salary.

Expenditure of Living:

  • Ottawa makes to the third most expensive place to live in Canada. If you are a single person living in Ottawa then you can expect around 2,700 CAD (2,000 USD) as your monthly expenditure.
  • Rent will cost you approximately 2,000 CAD (1,500 USD) per month. You will spend up to 130 CAD (98 USD) and 50 CAD (37 USD) on basic utilities and internet respectively.
  • House purchasing is a little expensive. More closer to the city centre, much expensive it will be. You have to pay around 3,000 to 5,000 CAD (2,260—3,770 USD) for a square meter (11 square feet) for an apartment.
  • For driving, you can purchase a mid ranged car costing around for 23,000 CAD (17,350 USD). Gas stations offers affordable gas at 1.17 CAD (0.88 USD) per liter. If you opt public transportation then it will cost you around 117 CAD (88 USD) per month.


One of the best and attractive destinations of immigrants, Vancouver is place known for its nature and scenic beauty. Covered by lush green mountain peaks and vast Pacific Ocean, it is an excellent place for adventure sports like snowboarding, skiing, surfing and various other outdoor activities and sports.

Cultural Life: People here are very hospitable and you will meet here people from diverse set of backgrounds. The town has a huge LGBTQ community as well. It is a place where largest pride parades are held. Marijuana is also a part a daily life of people here which is also legal.

Size and Area

A home to 675,218 habitants, it has an area of around 115 sq. km. It is an urban city with a firm tiny area.

Work and job Opportunities:It has a strong economy with vast job opportunities, which makes it a destination for various immigrants. Various industries are-

  • Personal services;
  • Cinema and film;
  • Finance;
  • Technology;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Forestry;
  • Mining;
  • Construction;
  • Tourism and hospitality;
  • Fishing.

56,603 CAD (42,682 USD) is the average salary of the workers per year.

Expenditure of Living:

  • It is one of the expensive cities in Canada. Cost of living here is approx. 40,680 CAD (30,400 USD) each year. Cost of one bedroom apartment is 2,080 CAD (1,550 USD) each month.
  • If you are planning to buy your own house you will have to pay approximately 1,092,000 CAD (821,555 USD).
  • Cost of your monthly transport pass will be between 75 and 95 CAD (57–72 USD).
  • Hourly fare of your taxi is 34 CAD (25 USD). Internet and other household utilities will cost you around 75 CAD (57 USD) per month and 315 CAD (238 USD) monthly respectively.

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