Visa Counseling

.Get on the right track with specialized Visa counseling services

A Visa is a ticket for aspiring students to fulfill their dream of studying abroad and get exciting job opportunities. However, if correct guidance is not received about the procedure, you may lose your chance. It becomes necessary that expert consultancy is availed in these matters. Humble immigrants is one such place where you can get proficient and accurate Visa Counselling services. 


A visa counselor guides you in the following aspects:

  1. Preparing Visa application and registration with complete documents
  2. Techniques and order of presenting the documents
  3. Do's and don'ts to be kept in mind while visa processing goes on
  4. Conducting Mock interviews for practice
  5. Making you aware of the courses available and the suitable college/university
  6. Updating you with the changes in regulations on time
  7. Assisting you in building confidence
  8. Preparing your case, documents and assisting in paperwork
  9. Ensuring reality to be in line with the dreams of students before departing
  10. Giving access to students about on-campus activities and location information


The checklist of documents that a student must contain throughout the Visa process includes:

  1. The application form of the student
  2. Bank draft related to the applicable visa processing fees
  3. The offer and acceptance letter received from the university/college where the student had applied
  4. The application form of the Visa
  5. The scorecard of IELTS/TOEFL
  6. The scanned copy of the documents containing academic and work experience
  7. Valid passport
  8. Latest medical reports
  9. Passport size photographs of color
  10. Approval letter of the bank loan taken (if any)
  11. Bank statements and payslips
  12. Travel documents
  13. Evidence of sponsorship (if any)
  14. Financial capacity
  15. Good hold at English
  16. Good character, not a dupe
  17. Overseas student health cover

A proficient ICCRC verified Canada Visa Counsellor must be well-versed with the changes and future trends in the Visa regulations to give an accurate picture to the clients. They will simplify and deconstruct the process for you. Whether you are looking for graduation, postgraduation, or Ph.D., they will tell you all about the specific requirements to take care of. They will review and check all your travel documents, academic documents, and Visa application forms to ensure hassle-free Visa processing. 

Verify your Visa Counselors on the official website of Canada & stay away from fraud agents.



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