The Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators stream is one of the parts of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), worked by the territory of Saskatchewan. This stream is intended to target experienced farm proprietors and administrators who wish to possess and work a farm in Saskatchewan.

Effective farmers who apply through this program will be selected for extremely durable occupant status. This program requires an exceptionally individualized application dependent on the kind of farm an individual is proposing to start in Saskatchewan. Interested candidates should contact the SINP to examine the application. Also, farmers might talk with the Saskatchewan Farm Land Security Board to dive deeper into farm possession in Saskatchewan.

Program Requirements



Express Entry Profile


Connection to Province


Job Offer


Language Proficiency

No minimum requirements

Level of Education

No minimum requirements

Work Experience

Farm Operation Knowledge, skills and Experience

Investment Requirement

Personal Net Worth: $300,000 CAD
Good Faith Deposit: $75,000 CAD

What are the pre-requisites or requirements of Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators?

Work Experience- To meet all requirements for the SINP Farm Owners and Operators stream, an applicant should exhibit experience owning, managing and working a farm. The applicant should have insight as a learned farm proprietor and knowledgeable administrator. There is no predefined measure of experience required, and applicable experience will be surveyed dependent upon the situation. Interested applicants should contact SINP to talk about their experience and guarantee that they are qualified for the program. 
Investment Requirement - This stream requires a significant total assets and investments with respect to the candidate. The candidate should have a base total assets of essentially $500,000 CAD, or $300,000 CAD if the candidate qualifies under the SINP Young Farmer sub-stream. Successful candidates will be needed to put aside a good faith deposit of $75,000 CAD preceding to receiving their provincial nomination. This deposit will be gotten back by the candidates once they effectively build up their farm in Saskatchewan and meet the conditions of their business execution agreement. 
Interested applicants should give a full Farm Establishment Plan for the farm they wish to set up in Saskatchewan. The Farm Establishment Plan should show how a candidate will utilize their cultivating experience to build up a reasonable farm in Saskatchewan. 

Youthful Farmer Stream

The Young Farmer Stream is a sub-stream of the Farm Owners and Operators. The sub-stream is for farmers younger than 40 years of age who wish to set up farms in Saskatchewan. The qualification standards are identical to the normal farm stream with one exemption: the necessary individual total net worth for young farms is just $300,000 CAD instead of the $500,000 CAD needed by regular farmers. 

What is the Application Procedure for Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators program?

Prior to applying to the SINP, a candidate should make a visit to Saskatchewan. This visit should be at least 5 workdays long. During the visit, the candidate should meet with a SINP agent to examine their proposed farm activity. Also, a candidate should direct extensive examination with business experts working in areas applicable to their proposed farm. 
A candidate should then present a total application to SINP. This application should incorporate documentation showing experience managing, operating, and owning a farm and a feasible farm foundation plan for the new ranch/farm in Saskatchewan. The candidate should show they meet the base total net worth prerequisite for the program in the application itself. This will be checked by a third-party outsider. Applications might be submitted in printed versions to the SINP workplaces, either face to face or by means of courier dispatch. When the application has been submitted, SINP starts a broad evaluation. 
On the off chance that the application passes the underlying pre-screening evaluation, the candidate will be approached to pay a $2,500 CAD application charge. During the evaluation, SINP might demand to meet the candidate. On the off chance that the application is endorsed, the candidate will be reached by SINP. Effective candidates should consent to a business execution arrangement laying out their obligation to set up a homestead in Saskatchewan. Also, candidates will be needed to make a $75,000 CAD good faith deposit which will be given back once the candidate meets the details of their business execution understanding. 
In the event that an application is successful, the candidate will get an official provincial nomination from the territory. After getting this application, the candidate might apply for Canadian PR. The candidate may likewise demand a work permit letter from SINP empowering them to apply for a work permit. Select business classes of migration, including Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators, permit foreign nationals to apply for temporary work licenses permitting them to work in Canada while setting up their business practice. These work grants don't need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which means they are LMIA-excluded. To apply for such a work grant, a candidate should incorporate a work license support letter given by the region and present their applications to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 
Candidates in this program should finish and present a paper-based application for long PR and submit it via mail to the application center. Paper-based PNP applications for PR are by and largely processed in 18 months.